Beenie Man verzuz Bounty Killafuh de culture’, Jamaica full forward


    Beenie Man started with the first track he ever clashed Bounty with decades ago. It was written by Beenie but produced by Jamaican producerBobby Digital who passed away at age 59 jeudi, Mai 21. He did it to homage to the late great producer. In like fashion, Bounty said his first song was his first Dancehall/Hip Hop clash and he called on his Brooklyn fans to « Ecoutez ».

    Once Bounty started speaking on the mic, the comments started to go to how much people love Bounty’la voix de s.

    Some of the celebrities in the Live chat included Miss Elliott, Safaree, Shenseea, Konshens, Idris Elba, Ashanti, Nas, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Spice, Diddy, Wale, Ja rule, Timbaland and more.

    There was a cut around 8.58 pm and on the return one of the previous Verzuz participants Erykah Badu said: ‘Part two’.

    Hot on the return, Beenie Man asked Bounty one question, ‘Sérieusement? Diss bad man yuh get…’

    But Mr Bullet Bullet Bullet was not taking that lying down. He came with his arsenal including his collab with Lauryn Hill in reply to Beenie Man and Guerilla Blacks Compton.

    Beenie dropped ‘Il’s all about Romyand Ashanti commented: ‘je’m winning on the counter’. Bounty said he does not deal with Romy.

    Bounty said he gets called when de gyal want a beat-up not a sweet up. And as soon as he took off his shades, Rihanna entered the chat withBounty Killaaaaaaaa’ environ 9.13 après-midi.

    Then at 9.23 pm there was a break as Beenie Man said ‘La police est là’ but he said they wont let them stop the Verzuz. He urged: ‘Show gotta go onand he called back Bounty. On his return, ‘I are the poor peoples governorsaid Bounty and he took the listeners to parliamentLook into my eyes…’ and Beenie even ad lib and sang backup for Di General. Then he sang, ‘We ran de placetell a boy stop watch me rasta man style’.

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