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EbeneNews – CA – Dirk Nowitzki praises Nikola Jokic

Dirk Nowitzki praised Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic in response to comparisons between the two players

EbeneNews – UA – Nobel economists urge French Advent lockdown ‘to save Christmas’

PARIS - Two Nobel Prize-winning economists on Saturday urged France to consider an Advent lockdown so family Christmas celebrations can take place with a reduced risk of coronavirus transmission

EbeneNews – CA – NBA – Frank Vogel discusses the big arbitration controversy

The series between the Lakers and the Nuggets is recognized by a distance war concerning the arbitration Both camps do not stop complaining, and this takes quite important proportions, surely too Frank Vogel decided to react to these famous disputes Refereeing is always a delicate subject in the NBA And the more […]