Ebene Magazine – 40C: Emergency services warn of the dangers of the CQ heat wave

Ebene Magazine - 40C: Emergency services warn of the dangers of the CQ heat wave

The sun in central Queensland is hotter than usual at this time of year, causing emergency services to warn residents of the potential personal and collective risk during the multi-day heat wave.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist, Rosa Hoff said the Capricornia and Central Highlands regions are suffering from severe heatwave conditions and temperatures are between six and nine degrees above average for this time of year.

« The city of Rockhampton itself is likely to be 10 degrees above its average temperature for February today [Monday] but should cool down a few degrees tomorrow. » She said.

Rockhampton is expected to reach 41 on Monday and 38 on Tuesday, and then stay in the lower to mid 30s for the rest of the week.

Gladstone is expected to hit 38 on Monday before it Wednesday falls to the low 30s.

In Emerald, the office is forecasting temperatures in the low 40s on Mondays and Tuesdays, and in the mid to high 30s through Sunday.

At 2pm on Monday, Rockhampton was 41.1 ° C reached, Yeppoon had reached 35.8 ° C, Gladstone had reached 39.9 ° C and Emerald had risen to 40.7 ° C. Brian Smith, Central Region Regional Manager for Rural Fire Fighters, said the weather was the Risk of fire increased throughout the region, especially where it has rained little.

« We have a few areas in the west, especially with isolated showers and thunderstorms in recent months, but without significant rain, » he said. he said.

Combined with the increased drought and low moisture in the soil, this has created some conditions in which, in those conditions today, if we get a source of ignition, fires can develop rapidly.

« What the special thing people have to do today is just be careful what they are doing in the countryside. So when they are doing activities that can create a spark, « welding, grinding, chopping, things like that? » to limit this activity in the next few days. If you want to use fire to reduce hazards, you must see your firefighter.

Laurie Ryan, operations manager for the Queensland Ambulance Service, said the main threat to personal health from a heat wave is dehydration and potential hospitalization.

« As people progress with their dehydration, they get dizzy, maybe nausea, vomiting ». he said.

« When it comes to things like the current heat wave that we are experiencing, our heat-related stakes will increase dramatically. »

« They will generally increase because people go about their normal business without a few extra ones Take precautions. We ask people to do this just to take care of themselves and others.  » ???


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