Ebene Magazine – After days of violence in Northern Ireland, the bus was hijacked and set on fire in West Belfast


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A bus was hijacked and set on fire at the intersection of Lanark Way and Shankill Road in West Belfast, the PSNI said.

Stones were thrown at the police while a press photographer was at work was attacked tonight.

First Minister Arlene Foster condemned the attack on Twitter, saying, “There is no justification for violence. It’s wrong and should stop. “

Shame. @ Kscott_94 trust that you are fine and that the bullies behind it will be brought to justice. There is no justification for violence. It’s wrong and should stop. https://t.co/UHhgCalOqR

« We appeal to those with influence in the region to help restore calm, » said a PSNI statement.

Videos broadcast online show a bus who had been pelted with gasoline bombs and had their windows broken where a crowd had gathered.

Translink Metro announced that it has withdrawn all services in the region until further notice due to road closures and services in East Belfast .

The Stormont Assembly is due to be called back tomorrow morning for an emergency debate after days of violence.

Riots and attacks on the police have raged repeatedly over the past week and have now resumed after a relative lull yesterday .

Police were attacked Monday in another night of violence in a number of loyalist areas.

Nine officers were injured in Ballymena, bringing the number of officers in Northern Ireland since last tempo Friday night in disorder injuries rose to 41.

The most violent clashes on Monday were observed in Ballymena when nine riot police were injured after intervening in an illegal march by loyalists through the city.

During the Riots debris, including a garbage can, was thrown on the M2 freeway, forcing it to close.

Parts of Carrickfergus, Newtownabbey and Derry also broke out on Monday, with officers fired with gasoline bombs and other missiles .

Children as young as 12 were involved in some of the violence witnessed over the past few days.

Cars, a JCB excavator, a phone booth and trash cans were found in the waterside area of ​​Derry on Monday lit.

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Police said a brick was thrown at a taxi that was carrying a passenger on Limavady Road at the time.

The previous Wednesday, a DUP MP urged loyalist protesters to “use their heads « And moving away from situations that could create disorder.

Gregory Campbell spoke after several consecutive nights of violence in Northern Ireland in which 41 police officers were injured and 10 were arrested.

The root cause of the riot became the Frustration attributed to the decision not to prosecute members of Sinn Féin for alleged coronavirus violations at the funeral of Republican Bobby Storey.

The Northern Ireland Protocol opposition and drug seizure from a dissident faction of the UDA in southeast Antrim have also been accused.

The DUP has the resignation of Police Chief Simon Byrne for lack of prosecution not required.

« When people use their heads and think ahead and say, » We’re not going to give people the opportunity to say that a police chief cannot step down because of the threat of violence, « Campbell told the BBC.

“This is something that would resonate throughout the church. Don’t give them that excuse.

« You should think long and hard before participating in protests that can ultimately lead to violence and serious injury to both individuals and the wider community in which they live . « 

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Bus abducted and set on fire in West Belfast after days of violence in Northern Ireland comments

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