Ebene Magazine – Bruce is still « calmly confident » that Newcastle will survive – Football 365

Ebene Magazine - Bruce is still "calmly confident" that Newcastle will survive - Football 365

Steve Bruce is aware of growing concerns over the Newcastle situation but the manager under fire remains « calmly confident » of staying awake despite Sunday’s defeat at Manchester United.

After Fulham two weeks ago Was 10 points away from the drop zone, the gap to the 17th Magpies has closed to just three points.

Newcastle lost to Chelsea and now to Manchester United, despite Bruce’s side at Old on Sunday Trafford started well and Allan Saint-Maximin canceled Marcus Rashford’s good start.

But Daniel James scored at the beginning of the second half and Bruno Fernandes’ penalty was a 3-1 result, which left the Magpies boss facing difficult questions put.

« After a good hour they scored one goal at just the right time, then another, » said Bruce.

« The first goal that I’m sure we would have better defended can if I verse now uche to analyze it. « 

 » The second got a terrible distraction that put him on the path of young James.

« We are disappointed, but I can get a lot of positives from it, especially in the first hour of the performance. « 

 » I think Allan had a great chance when there was one, and unfortunately (David) De Gea saved them.

« But for a long time I was delighted but we have to put it all together and get some results of course. « 

When asked what the risk of relegation is after Fulham closed the gap against Sheffield United on Saturday, Bruce said, » Look, there are six or seven teams in and around us with 13 games left.

« I’m sure some are looking over their shoulders and of course we’re one of them.

 » But me I’m still confident we’ll be fine if we continue as we did in the first lesson. « 

 » It has always been difficult after Chelsea and then to Man United, but I was satisfied with certain aspects. « 

Bruce felt the groin problem that displaced Joelinton in the 55th minute was a major turning point while the Newcastle boss was in charge said Saint-Maximin was still « physically wrong » after a long hiatus.

Miguel Almiron was also « completely exhausted » on a night when fans’ concern about the status of the Premier League in Newcastle grew. .

« Of course they don’t want their team to be at the wrong end of the table, and I completely understand that, » added Bruce.

« The only thing we have is a unique following that we have too the club we have. « 

 » Of course you are concerned, but as I said, I am calmly confident that we will be fine if we continue like this, especially in the first hour. « 

Meanwhile, United counterpart Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was delighted with their 4-0 loss to Real Soc iedad in the Europa League on Thursday.

The Red Devils had only won one win in their last five top games. With that win they returned to second place and were within 10 points of leaders Manchester City.

« It’s one of those people who can’t really go to a stadium and think we’re playing in the now Premier League, we’re in bad shape, « said Solskjaer, who brought 17-year-old Shola Shoretire off the bench for his debut.

 » And if you go into the stadium on Thursday in the Europa League and think we are are in great shape. « 

 » It’s important to gain momentum, get on the field and feel good. We’ve had some setbacks.

« West Brom and Sheffield United, two setbacks, however we can look back and see why we didn’t get the points we deserved, but that’s not what I want to do. « 

 » It’s not easy. We played Thursday night and came back here. So it took us maybe 45 minutes to get started. « 

It was a great end to a day that started with United’s announcement that Nicky Butt and Mark Dempsey would join Solskjaer on the bench » because some coaching staff had to self-isolate « .

The Coaches Michael Carrick, Mike Phelan and Kieran McKenna were not on the team roster for the game against Newcastle.

« Of course it was a bit different preparation for the boys, but in the situation we are in we have to be prepared for it.

The Newcastle manager played alongside Eric Cantona at Manchester United in the 1990s.

Steve Bruce has announced that Newcastle United have no new injuries.

Steve Bruce suggested that Newcastle will at times « get stuck » when using their new offensive setup …

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« It was a classic midfielder’s goal to get into the pits and that’s what brought us. »

It was a two-half win for Newcastle. Decide for yourself which was the most impressive …

Willock could make his Newcastle United debut against Southampton this weekend.

Quadruple, Croydon De Bruynes, training games and the wonderful world of Joao Cancelo. And other things too, 16 in total.

You know what you get with Leicester, the voice of reason in an intellectual league.

Liverpool marks a new nadir while Everton does a surprisingly easy job in their first Derby win since 1999 …

Callum Hudson-Odoi has been the golden boy since Thomas Tuchel arrived in Chelsea. Not anymore …

Maybe Solskjaer is like Zinedine Zidane and he knows just enough to win some trophies?

Ref: https://www.football365.com



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