Ebene Magazine – Changes for the worse: Pyotr Todorovsky’s series « Flight » is being released on TV and on the Internet ru

Ebene Magazine - Changes for the worse: Pyotr Todorovsky's series "Flight" is being released on TV and on the Internet ru

On January 25, TNT TV channel and PREMIER video service will start showing the eight-episode psychological drama Flight. The director and scriptwriter of the project was the young director Pyotr Todorovsky. A team of experienced producers was involved in the working process, which included Valery Fedorovich and Yevgeny Nikishov (« Treason », « Policeman from Rublyovka », « Sweet Life », « Dyatlov Pass »).

The main characters of the series are six employees of a Moscow construction company performed by Mikhail and Nikita Efremov, Oksana Akinshina, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, Yulia Khlynina and Pavel Tabakov. Colleagues are going on a business trip to Perm, but due to a secretary’s mistake they arrive at the wrong airport and miss the flight. Soon the heroes learn that the plane on which they were supposed to fly crashed. Shocked by the feeling that death is near, they decide to reconsider their lives. However, their attempts lead to unexpected results.

Each episode is dedicated to the story of one of the key characters. The first episode tells about Irina (Akinshina). Already the first appearance of the heroine in the frame is intriguing – she sits in bloody clothes in a dirty room and records a monologue about her life on a dictaphone. Immediately, the action is transferred to the recent past – to a cozy apartment where a family feast takes place.

Irina’s life seems to be quite happy: she is married and has a daughter, and harmony and peace seem to reign in her house. However, the idyll is instantly destroyed by the call of her husband’s mistress.

Despite the plot (at first glance, by no means original), the story does not move according to the standard plot for series about love and jealousy: the call is followed by neither a scandal, nor a showdown, nor intrigues. Moreover, Irina, it seems, has long known about the existence of a rival and decides not to do anything at all – not even to speak to her husband, but simply accept, endure and continue to maintain the illusion of a happy life.

The authors of the project save the audience from the need to guess how long, and most importantly, why the heroine of Akinshina is suffering – an attractive young girl, a promising specialist.

Irina’s patience ends just at the moment when she miraculously avoids death. That life is now unbearable and requires dramatic changes.

The heroine had a difficult childhood, which rewarded her with a set of complexes, dubious attitudes and fears, the main of which was to become like a mother who changed partners every night. All this determined Irina’s adult life. Even after experiencing a terrible shock and desperately yearning for change, she cannot hide from the past. As a result, the girl commits a number of emotional actions and she drives herself into a dead end.

In a similar way, the stories of the rest of the key characters of the series are revealed, each of whom is severely traumatized and cannot cope with the past.

So, the hero of Mikhail Efremov is a bribe-taker, drug addict and alcoholic, who does not respect anyone except his ex-wife, and has failed to realize himself in the profession. He realizes that he is leading a wrong lifestyle, and after the plane crash decides to change everything, but in the end he gets into new scams.

Dmitry Yuryevich performed by Nikita Efremov, out of fear of disappointing the domineering mother, does everything possible for the sake of a career and enters into a relationship with the boss’s daughter, who is not interesting to him. A spontaneous rupture after a plane crash is also not good.

The aspiring writer Ilya, played by Pavel Tabakov, is a positive young man in every sense: honest, responsible, family man. But in the profession he has not yet managed to realize himself, unlike his father, a much more successful author. At the same time, his dad cannot boast of strong moral principles. After the stressful experience Ilya realizes that he is tired of being a “good boy”, and decides to at least somehow correspond to his father.

The personal stories of the heroes unfold in a heavy and gloomy atmosphere, which only intensifies with the development of the plot. The non-linear storytelling helped to achieve this effect, in which the present is constantly mixed with flashbacks that complement the story.

At the same time, the first series, dedicated to the heroine Akinshina, turned out to be especially intriguing, while the rest gradually lose their degree of tension. However, there is also some suspense in them, which allows you to keep the viewer’s attention.

An important advantage of the series is the characters, written in such detail and neatly that all their actions, sometimes unreasonable, strange and even outrageous, organically fit into the plot and find an explanation. The actors managed to reveal complex images and convey the hardly restrained emotions and uninterrupted inner hysteria of their heroes.

An attentive and reflective viewer will easily be imbued with the stories of the characters and, perhaps, will not even condemn them: all the awkward attempts of the characters to change their lives mainly cause pity and a feeling of hopelessness.

The director and scriptwriter of the project, Pyotr Todorovsky, in an interview with RT, noted that the influence of psychological trauma on a person’s life, which is studied in the series, is a very urgent and widespread problem.

The series « Flight » does not look overwhelmed and does not promise an easy pastime. Touching upon philosophical topics, it encourages the viewer to think about his purpose, about the meaning of life and about fate as a set of events that affect every person from the moment of his birth and largely determine his life.

Those who do not like to think about the eternal, most likely, will like the crime story that connects all the characters. This plot also unfolds gradually, throughout the series. At the same time, the viewer gets the opportunity to look into his intriguing finale at the beginning, but the essence of what happened will not be known very soon. And even the numerous hints that accompany all the episodes do not bring the solution closer.

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