Ebene Magazine – Children’s Ombudsman for Moscow calls involvement of children in rallies weakness and meanness ru

Ebene Magazine - Children's Ombudsman for Moscow calls involvement of children in rallies weakness and meanness ru

The use of children for political purposes is a demonstration of weakness and meanness, said Olga Yaroslavskaya, ombudsman for children’s rights in the capital, commenting on appeals on social networks for minors to take unauthorized actions.

“I respect the right of every person to express their citizenship. But I know the law and the essence of protest technologies. And manipulation technologies. It is always bad, but when they are applied to children, it is unacceptable, ”the Ombudsman wrote on Facebook.

She recalled that the involvement of minors in unauthorized rallies is punishable by Federal Law No. 54-FZ of June 19, 2004, “On meetings, rallies, demonstrations, processions and picketing”. According to Yaroslavskaya, the manipulators themselves know the consequences, so they hide behind bot pages on social networks.

“Children usually don’t know. They also don’t know the manipulation technologies themselves, they don’t understand how masterly political strategists use their age psychology, they don’t see what emotional points they press in order to want to destroy and deny everything. But they press – already today in all social networks where young people actually live, all these technologies are available. Not a single revolution ended well. Countries with stable economies and political systems have done without revolutions for centuries. Do children know about this?  » – added the Ombudsman.

Yaroslavskaya turned to her parents and encouraged them to talk to their children. “Tell them that they will be able to defend their rights when they get older and can really understand the essence and background of certain movements. And this will be a deliberate choice, and not the movement of a zombie crowd in the direction indicated by the manipulators. Tell your child that he is being forced to jump from a mountain into a gorge. He personally needs it ?? What for? » She called.

“As the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights in Moscow, I want the rights of children not to be violated by adults, so that no one would involve them in illegal actions, drug addiction and other dangerous cases that pose a risk to their health and psyche. And I want every adult to be punished for harming a child. And I will help each child in full, with all my strength. Take care of the children!  » – concluded the Ombudsman.

On Wednesday, Roskomnadzor reported that accounts were used on the VKontakte social network to involve minors in unauthorized rallies. The department sent a demand to the leadership of the social network to take immediate measures to suppress such actions. The supervisory authority sent a similar requirement to the administration of the Chinese social network TikTok. Roskomnadzor promised to prosecute social networks for spreading such calls.

In turn, the chairman of the Association of Organizations for the Protection of the Family, mother of many children, Maria Filina, on her Facebook advised parents to pay attention to the behavior of their children, in particular, while walking in the city center. “Behind the harmless appeal lies the involvement of underage children to participate in unauthorized rallies in support of Navalny (in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, organizing and participating in unauthorized rallies can threaten with administrative fines and arrests),” she wrote.

Tatyana Butskaya, chairman of the board of the Council of Mothers, said that she had learned about the calls for an unauthorized rally on January 23 from her 18-year-old son.

“The organizers of the event will cover themselves with children, which will make the already spontaneous event even more unpredictable, while planning to play on the sympathy of society for young people,” Butskaya wrote on Instagram. She also advised parents to talk to their children and explain the dangers of where they are invited.

Meanwhile, the Navalny FBK fund has already promised to compensate the fines for those who are detained at illegal rallies. This was announced on his YouTube channel by the head of the regional headquarters network Leonid Volkov.

Navalny returned to Russia from Germany on January 17 and was detained at Sheremetyevo airport, as he was wanted for repeated violations of the probationary period in a fraud case. Navalny was obliged to appear for registration at the Federal Penitentiary Service twice a month. He was warned that violations could lead to the replacement of conditional release with a real term. On Monday, the court put the blogger under arrest for a month.

The National Hockey League has banned the captain of the Washington Capitals, Russian forward Alexander Ovechkin, striker Yevgeny Kuznetsov, defender Dmitry Orlov and goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov from training and playing due to violations of medical protocols on coronavirus.

The NHL also fined the Washington Capitals $ 100,000 for players violating coronavirus safety protocols in those areas that relate to the communication of players without masks and without observing social distance.

“I regret the decision to spend time with my teammates in a hotel room and not in the dressing room area. I will draw conclusions from what happened, ”said Ovechkin, whose words are quoted on the NHL website.

The club said it was disappointed with the behavior of the players after the Washington Capitals worked hard to create a safe environment for the hockey players and all team members to complete the season.

“We are upset that our players have chosen to socialize in a hotel room rather than in designated areas. We make the decision of the NHL and once again draw attention to the fact that the security protocols for the fight against COVID-19 continue to be in place, and all hockey players must still strictly abide by them, ”the club said.

Recall that the striker of the National Hockey League club « Washington » Russian Alexander Ovechkin last year became the author of the most beautiful goal of the XXI century according to Sportsnet.

The American publication The National Interest, assessing the chances of the fifth generation Su-57 and F-35 fighters in an air duel, suggested that, all other things being equal, the F-35 pilot would do everything in his power not to engage the Russian fighter at all.

As noted by the author of the material, journalist Mark Episkopos, a hypothetical collision of two combat vehicles will take place in the context of widespread use of anti-missile defense systems, advanced radar installations and a significant number of support aircraft. According to him, an aerial duel involving two pilots has little to do with the realities of warfare in the 21st century, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Episkopos, all other things being equal, the F-35 pilot will do everything in his power not to engage the Su-57 at all, since the Russian combat vehicle is an improved air superiority fighter, with the corresponding technical characteristics, while while the American aircraft is primarily a strike fighter that infiltrates enemy airspace to destroy vital objects or infrastructure.

“In all likelihood, the F-35, caught in this contrived, hypothetical situation (aerial duel), would use its advantage in some stealth functions to try to evade the approaching Su-57,” he said.

According to the journalist, a one-on-one air battle between the Su-57 and F-35 is extremely unlikely, not only because it does not correspond to the realities of modern warfare, but also because such a scenario implies “a catastrophic and, fortunately, far-fetched the prospect of a major war between NATO and Russia ”.

Earlier, Honored Test Pilot of Russia Magomed Tolboyev said that the Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighter, due to its maneuverability, could defeat the American F-35 fighter in the event of one-on-one air combat.

The wife of an opposition blogger, Yulia Navalnaya, became the heroine of the discussion of women’s publics on the Internet. The users found out if there is a reason to admire Navalnaya’s marital position and how she differs from the wives of the Decembrists.

Most of the participants in the discussion in one of the major publics agreed that Yulia Navalnaya was « an ambitious woman with a strong character. » Moreover, many believe that « testosterone in this family is from Julia, » and not from her « nervous and hysterical » husband. She is even called the « puppeteer » and the « gray eminence » who controls her husband.

Many noted that Navalnaya “does not feel fear for herself and her children,” but someone found an explanation for this fact in the woman’s natural fearlessness, and someone in the guarantees that the blogger’s family received: “In the end, they don’t work, they constantly go on vacation, wear premium brands, and their daughter is attached to Stanford. What’s bad?  »

“Being the wife of an ordinary locksmith is more difficult, especially when you yourself plow at this plant,” some commentators say. Moreover, they see social injustice in the glorification of the wife of a “Berlin clinic patient”: “Millions of women around the world have husbands with really dangerous professions – firefighters, military. They do what they should, but no one admires them, there are no fans, the kids at Stanford are not attached.  »

Women, most of whom have children of their own, evoke a protest that “Navalny’s children are abroad and safe, and she calls ours to the barricades, under the batons. For the welfare of her own family.  »

The commentators also have other candidates for heroization: “I admire the wife of Viktor But – there is complete uncertainty there, but she holds on. And then what to admire? The money is dripping, it knows its role ”.

On the one hand, Navalny’s “cold psychotype” brought her the characterization of an “aristocratic, cultured woman,” on the other, it aroused mistrust due to the “lack of sincerity”. “The scene of her farewell to her husband does not come out of my head. They kissed, carefully wiped my cheek, stood at the initial and quick glance at the camera “whether they are filming or not,” and again into the image, ”commentators describe the impression that the blogger’s wife makes on them. – “This is some kind of performance. Especially their joint interview with Dudyu, when they told the story of the poisoning with a smile.  »

What even ill-wishers cannot take away from Navalnaya is the support that the wife gives to her husband and her prominent role in shaping the image of the oppositionist:

“This is more and more like a family project, and, perhaps, they will soon change places,” “it is still unknown who has more ambitions, she or he”.

It turned out that the greatest damage to Navalnaya’s reputation in the eyes of the female audience was caused by the conflict with the famous pediatrician, surgeon and president of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal. Last fall, when Navalny was already undergoing treatment at the Berlin clinic « Charite », Roshal proposed to his German colleagues to create a joint commission, a council, to clarify the patient’s diagnosis. In response, Navalnaya rudely replied to the Russian doctor that she did not respect him, because he wanted to « find out information and curry favor. » In addition, the wife of the « Berlin patient » advised the pediatrician not to take sin on his soul « at such a respectable age. »

“Her answer to Dr. Roshal put her down in my eyes nowhere below. All the rest of her deeds / speeches will be perceived by me under the impression of that rudeness, « write the participants of the public, many of whom live in Moscow and personally asked for help at the Roshal clinic, » There are two ways to rise: the first is to do something great, the second is to humiliate another person who has done something great. The first time I heard about Yulia Navalnaya was when she got nasty with Roshal and immediately became cool in the eyes of the public. Although the scale of these two figures in terms of benefits for the country is incomparable.  »

The Fortuna pipelayer, which is building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which fell under US sanctions, left the German port of Rostock on Thursday evening, according to data from the Marine Traffic global vessel positioning system.

However, Rostock is still indicated as the destination of the vessel. The ship « Fortuna » arrived there at the beginning of last week from another German port – Wismar, RIA Novosti reports.

Nord Stream 2 envisages the construction of two lines of a gas pipeline with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The project is actively opposed by the United States, which is promoting its liquefied natural gas to the EU, as well as Ukraine and a number of European countries.

Earlier, the European Parliament prepared a draft resolution requiring the European Union to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline due to the arrest of Alexei Navalny, writes the German weekly Spiegel.

On January 19, the United States imposed sanctions against the Fortuna pipelayer, which is completing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and the owner of the vessel, the KVT-RUS company. On the same day, Gazprom allowed the suspension of implementation or complete cancellation of the project in case of a sharp change in the political situation. Later, Gazprom said that the Nord Stream 2 project is under strong sanctions pressure, but the holding intends to complete the construction of the gas pipeline. At the same time, the German concern Bilfinger SE refused to participate in the Nord Stream 2 project.

In December 2020, Nord Stream 2 AG, the project operator, laid one of the two unfinished sections of the pipeline in German waters with the help of the Fortuna pipelayer. The laying of the last unfinished section, in Danish waters, was planned to begin on 15 January. It was also planned to use Fortuna on the Danish section. Meanwhile, on January 1, 2021, the United States introduced new sanctions against Nord Stream 2, linking them to the adoption of the US defense budget for fiscal 2021.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has declared unfounded a number of accusations against Georgia against Russia on the events in South Ossetia and Abkhazia in August 2008, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Justice reported.

“Based on the results of almost 12 years of consideration of the case, the ECHR came to the conclusion that the Russian Federation cannot be held responsible under the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for incidents that occurred during the repulsion of the Georgian army’s attack on the peacekeeping contingent and the local civilian population by Russian military personnel. in the period from 8 to 12 August 2008, « – said in a statement on the website of the Russian department.

« Also, the ECHR did not support the statements of the Georgian authorities about the alleged invasion of the Russian Federation Armed Forces on the territory of South Ossetia on August 7, 2008, that is, before the Georgian military attacked the city of Tskhinval, » the ministry said.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice does not agree with a number of conclusions of the ECHR, including the assignment of responsibility to the Russian side for incidents that took place in South Ossetia and Abkhazia after August 12, 2008, despite the fact that the direct involvement of Russian military personnel in them has not been installed. “Such an assessment of the circumstances of the participation of the Russian Federation in the protection of civilians and prevention of the escalation of the armed conflict was the result of the use of the concept of extraterritorial jurisdiction by the ECHR, the content of which differs from the position of the International Court of Justice and generally recognized norms of international law,” the Ministry of Justice said.

The judgment of the ECHR in the case « Georgia v. Russia (II) » does not contain a decision on monetary compensation, the relevant issue was left to the ECHR for further consideration. “The Georgian side in this case tried unsuccessfully to prove that the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights is applied not only in peacetime, but also in conditions of hostilities, which in fact undermines the foundations of international humanitarian law. We managed to convince the European judges that the legal assessment of the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in South Ossetia and Abkhazia on August 8-12, 2008 is outside their jurisdiction. Also, the ECHR did not establish a single case of violation of civilian rights by Russian servicemen during the events of August 2008, ”said Russian Commissioner at the ECHR – Deputy Minister of Justice of Russia Mikhail Galperin.

Georgia filed a claim on August 11, 2008. Georgia argued that Russia, using its armed forces or « controlled formations of » separatists « , allegedly violated a number of articles of various conventions, in particular, the right to life, the prohibition of torture or inhuman treatment, the right to freedom and security, the right to property, the right to education, the right to travel, and so on. Tbilisi expected a positive court verdict for itself.

The European Parliament has prepared a draft resolution in which it requires the European Union to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline due to the arrest of Alexei Navalny, writes the German weekly Spiegel.

According to the newspaper, the resolution calls on the EU countries to immediately stop the construction of a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea, RIA Novosti reports.

In addition to stopping construction, the document contains recommendations on the introduction of sanctions against individuals and legal entities who « participated in the decision to arrest and imprison. » Possible restrictive measures may include restrictions on movement within the EU and freezing of assets.

Parliamentarians can consider the resolution on Thursday, January 21. The document is advisory in nature. If the resolution is adopted, the sanctions will not be introduced automatically – they can only be adopted by a decision of all 27 members of the European Union through the mechanisms of the EU Council.

Meanwhile, earlier the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that the European Union cannot impede the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project, since it is a project of private companies.

On January 19, the United States imposed sanctions against the Fortuna pipelayer, which is completing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and the owner of the vessel, the KVT-RUS company. On the same day, Gazprom allowed the suspension of implementation or complete cancellation of the project in case of a sharp change in the political situation. Later, Gazprom said that the Nord Stream 2 project is under strong sanctions pressure, but the holding intends to complete the construction of the gas pipeline. At the same time, the German concern Bilfinger SE refused to participate in the Nord Stream 2 project.

In December 2020, Nord Stream 2 AG, the project operator, laid one of the two unfinished sections of the pipeline in German waters with the help of the Fortuna pipelayer. The laying of the last unfinished section, in Danish waters, was planned to begin on 15 January. It was also planned to use Fortuna on the Danish section. Meanwhile, on January 1, 2021, the United States introduced new sanctions against Nord Stream 2, linking them to the adoption of the US defense budget for fiscal 2021.

“This is a very courageous and courageous act. It reflected a civil protest against a new round of nationalism, which will finally reformat the country into a huge « Anti-Russia », – political analyst Vladimir Skachko told the VZGLYAD newspaper. So he commented on the flared up conflict between an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a blogger from Kiev, in which she chooses Russia between Ukraine and Russia.

“By this act, the blogger girl actually exposed herself both to possible repressions from the state and to bullying by the stubborn half-militarist patriots who are now in the service of the Ukrainian authorities. Of course, there is a certain heroism in this, ”added Volodymyr Skachko, a political emigrant from Ukraine, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper Kievsky Telegraph.

A conflict broke out between an officer of the Ukrainian army and a blogger from Kiev over a video on TikTok. The user of this social network with the nickname di.rubens answered the questions of another blogger, choosing one of the two countries he named. Of the Russia-USA and Russia-Belarus pair, the girl calls Russia, and when asked to choose between Russia and Ukraine, di.rubens reluctantly, and then laughingly, says: “Russia”. What specific selection criterion was proposed to the blogger is left behind the scenes.

An officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Anatoly Shtefan drew attention to the video, who wrote: « Here is your patriotic education. » In response, the girl called Stefan a shame of the Ukrainian army, which is at war with the civilian population and wants « hype ». She also promised to pursue criminal proceedings against the officer and threatened to sue him. Di.rubens also accused the Ukrainian military of bullying.

Stefan himself called the blogger’s answer « nonsense » and stated that she allegedly removed the video from TikTok herself. The video angered other Ukrainian radicals, who, among other things, noticed that it was filmed on the Maidan.

Skachko admits that the video of the Kiev blogger was published, among other things, for the sake of a banal hype on social networks. “Yes, now people are ready to do anything for the sake of like on the Web. But, excuse me, for the sake of hype, they show their naked genitals to the Internet. And this video, taking into account the current historical, cultural, psychological, ideological situation in Ukraine, was a real act, had a clear political overtones, so the hype from it was only a plus for her, ”Skachko said.

According to the political scientist, the video published has become evidence of public sentiment; it also shows a low assessment of the Ukrainian society of its own armed forces. “Moreover, the Ukrainian army does not assess itself highly. Everyone, except for the regular patriotic propagandists and agitators, is well aware that the Ukrainian Armed Forces today is just a place of enrichment for the generals from among the “hawks of war”. The army has long begun to serve to make money for people who have lost the meaning of life in ordinary society. And such armed forces, without war, very easily turn into marauders and a stupid militarized herd, ”concluded Skachko.

The blogger di.rubens was added to the Myrotvorets database with the wording “Provocateur. Anti-Ukrainian propagandist. Deliberate discrediting of the armed forces of Ukraine. Conscious participation in the informational special operation of Russia (aggressor country) against Ukraine ”. In response to the « provocative » video, a video criticizing the « Russian invaders » began to appear on Ukrainian social networks.

Inspection of housing for redevelopment can only be carried out when an apartment is sold or inherited, Svetlana Razorotneva, chairman of the Public Chamber’s commission on housing and communal services, construction and roads, executive director of the NP Housing and Utilities Control told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

At the end of last year, a unified state register of real estate was launched in Russia, in which all technical passports of premises were entered. In this regard, the employees of the housing inspectorate began to conduct inspections, arranging raids on apartments: after two notifications by mail, they visit the living space, looking for any uncoordinated change.

“On the territory of Russia, the Constitution continues to operate, which says that a citizen’s home is inviolable, and you can enter it either with the consent of the citizen himself, or by a court decision, or in case of an emergency, accompanied by a representative of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, when there is a threat to human life and health, ”says Razorotneva.

Also, the document contains individual cases related to the verification of metering devices, the expert continues. Checking the redevelopment of the apartment is not included in this list, so whether to let the employees of the housing inspectorate in or not is the choice of every Russian.

“Of course, all these redevelopments, especially in accordance with this real estate register, are very difficult to identify. As a rule, they pop up either when people sell an apartment, or when they inherit, and then only if they do not agree with realtors – then yes, a check can be made, ”says the source.

Nevertheless, if a person voluntarily let the employees of the housing inspectorate in and during the check some redevelopments were revealed, then the citizen will have to either legalize them or return everything as it was, warns Razorotneva. Otherwise, the person may face very serious punishment. For example, in the Housing Code there is only one case when it is possible to confiscate a premises, and it is precisely connected with illegal redevelopments that have not been eliminated.

Earlier, the Ministry of Justice proposed to allow bailiffs to break down the doors of apartments and houses, if it is impossible to get there in another way, to check the legality of redevelopment and installation of gas equipment.

The Ukrainian woman recorded a video message in response to the video of the blogger from Kiev di.rubens, who chose the second country in the TikTok video between Ukraine and Russia.

“What will you choose? The so-called Russian world under deadly bombing or a peaceful Ukrainian city thanks to our soldiers? A Russian invader who came to our lands to shed blood, or a Ukrainian defender who laid down his life so that you and I would never feel the consequences of the war? Homeland or killer country? Ukraine or Russia? This blogger made her choice, and I made mine. I love my country – Ukraine « , – said the girl in a video message, reports » Observer « .

This position delighted the officer of the Ukrainian army Anatoly Shtefan. He noted that active young citizens will now not let the « blatant fact of Russian propaganda » be silenced.

“Blogger di.rubens, who confessed her love for Russia on Independence Square, decided to keep quiet. But the active part of the Ukrainian youth and the youth patriotic movement « Foundation of the Future » are no longer giving her a chance to keep silent, having launched a new flash mob! I am proud of our Ukrainian youth!  » – wrote the officer.

Meanwhile, blogger di.rubens was added to the Peacemaker’s database. The corresponding dossier appeared on the project website. It turned out that the real name of the 20-year-old girl is Onatskaya (Malaman) Taisiya Igorevna.

“Provocateur. Anti-Ukrainian propagandist. Deliberate discrediting of the armed forces of Ukraine. Conscious participation in the informational special operation of Russia (aggressor country) against Ukraine, ”it was reported.

Recall that a conflict broke out between an officer of the Ukrainian army Anatoly Stefan and a blogger from Kiev di.rubens over a video on TikTok, in which she chooses a second country between Ukraine and Russia. Stefan drew attention to the girl’s video and wrote: « Here is your patriotic education. » In response, the girl called Stefan “a disgrace of the Ukrainian army,” who “is at war with the civilian population” and wants “hype”.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Georgia announced that it had established the responsibility of two officials – an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Iveri Melashvili and the Ministry of Internal Affairs Natalya Ilyicheva, whose actions within the framework of the state commission on the delimitation of the border with Azerbaijan damaged the national interests of the country, the case was sent to court, the correspondent of the VZGLYAD newspaper in Tbilisi reports.

As stated at a briefing in the Prosecutor General’s Office of Georgia, « on the instructions of their superiors, » whose names have not yet been named, these persons purposefully used cartographic materials, on which there was a threat of Georgia losing 3,500 hectares in the area of ​​the controversial David-Gareji monastery complex.

In particular, the Prosecutor General’s Office has video and audio recordings of Iveri Melashvili’s talks in connection with this case, and they were conducted « against the interests of Georgia. »

Negotiations on the delimitation of the state border were conducted during the rule of ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili. The investigation was launched on the basis of an appeal by the Georgian Ministry of Defense in connection with suspicions of an agreement that is detrimental to the territorial interests of Georgia. According to the article of the Criminal Code of Georgia « Violation of territorial integrity » the punishment is from 10 to 15 years in prison. Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian executive committee for reforms, Saakashvili, responded to the start of the investigation, saying that they plan to accuse him of selling Georgian land to Azerbaijan « for $ 30 or $ 80 million. »

Georgia and Azerbaijan are strategic partners, however, only 64% of the state border has been agreed between them, the total length of which is 480 km. Disputes regularly arise between the border guards of the two countries, mainly in connection with the visit by Georgian citizens and pilgrims to the monastery complex of the 6th century, part of which has belonged to Azerbaijan since Soviet times.

Georgian businessman David Khidasheli discovered maps from the 1930s in foreign archives, bought them out, and now Georgia may not lose the monastery.

Lawyer Andriy Portnov won a court case against the Ministry of Education of Ukraine in the case of the content of school textbooks. According to Portnov, in them the Maidan participants are represented as heroes.

“The Administrative Court ruled today on my claim in an almost year-long trial. Based on the examinations carried out, the court ordered the Ministry of Education and Science to revise children’s history textbooks in grades 5-11, in which the previous political regime tried to heroize and mythologize a number of state criminals and participants in the 2013-2014 riots, ”the lawyer wrote in his Telegram.

According to Portnov, these manuals “contain signs of distortion of information and events that took place in the period 2013 – 2014, manipulation of facts and assessments of events of this period,” writes Strana.ua. Also, in his opinion, information about the events of 2013-2014 is presented one-sidedly and with deliberately false information, while the textbooks are silent about the important circumstances of the Maidan. So, in the textbook for grade 11 Vlasov-Kulchitsky says that “on January 22, 2014, on the Day of Unity of Ukraine, Berkut snipers shot five Euromaidan activists on Hrushevsky Street”. Here, Portnov explained, the authors of the textbook unequivocally accuse law enforcement officers of murder, despite the fact that no court has confirmed this. In addition, the lawyer suggested holding a new competition for textbooks and revising all textbooks on the history of Ukraine that were published after 2013 and tell about the events of the Maidan for reliability.

Even before the trial, Portnov was told by the Ministry of Education of the republic that all the textbooks were analyzed by scientists and have the full reliability of the information presented. The department refused to comply with the lawyer’s request, after which he filed a lawsuit.

On November 21, 2013, the Ukrainian government announced the suspension of the signing of an agreement with the European Union. In response, the opposition to the Verkhovna Rada blocked the work of parliament, and a long-term rally began on Independence Square in Kiev.

The culmination of the conflict was the shooting by unidentified snipers on Institutskaya Street on February 20, 2014. Their bullets, according to official figures, killed 53 people. In total, as a result of the confrontation in Kiev on February 18-20, more than 100 people were killed, including fighters of the Berkut special forces. The « sniper case » on the Maidan still remains unsolved.

Last year it became known that more than 160 people were suspects in the case of the executions at the Euromaidan in February 2014.

The State Aviation Service of Ukraine was ordered not to release planes with the head of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Viktor Medvedchuk, to Russia, said his fellow party member Ilya Kiva, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.

« The State Aviation Service received the command to » close « the sky for the planes that Medvedchuk uses for flights to Russia, » Kiva wrote on the Telegram channel.

Earlier, the plenipotentiaries of the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR in the contact group said that the republics, through Medvedchuk’s mediation, would unilaterally hand over a group of detainees to Kiev, RIA Novosti reports.

Medvedchuk’s name has repeatedly appeared in the negotiations on the exchange of prisoners between Kiev and Donbass. However, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ivan Bakanov, said in September 2019 that Medvedchuk was not involved in the exchange process and traveled to Russia on his own initiative. The delegation of Kiev in the contact group on Donbass stated that the special services will assess the transfer of Ukrainian citizens from Donbass to Medvedchuk.

The jury’s conclusion that private Ramil Shamsutdinov, who shot eight people in a military unit, deserves leniency is the opinion of the people, which the court may or may not take into account, Russian lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

The second eastern district military court in Chita found conscript soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov, who in 2019 shot eight people in a military unit, guilty and sentenced to 24 years and six months in a strict regime colony. Despite the fact that the jury had previously noted that the private deserved leniency, the young man was assigned an almost maximum term – the prosecution requested 25 years in prison for him.

“The main message that is expected from the jury is whether the person is guilty or not. Everything else is the opinion of people, which the court may or may not take into account. The court cannot ignore if the jury says the person is innocent. And whether it is necessary to show leniency or not, this is already secondary and is done at the discretion of the court, ”says Dobrovinsky.

He explains that jurors cannot dictate a time limit to the court. It is within their competence only to determine whether the defendant is guilty.

“The court, of course, considers their opinion and takes or does not take it into account. In any case, any verdict may be appealed, ”the source concluded.

The convicted soldier’s lawyer Ruslan Nagiyev considered the sentence too harsh and said that he intends to appeal against it. The father of the convict, Salim Shamsutdinov, considered the court’s decision unfair.

Recall that in the fall of 2019, a conscript soldier Shamsutdinov, who served in the Trans-Baikal Territory, opened fire on his colleagues. As a result, eight people died. The private then explained his act by hazing.

The Moscow authorities have filed a lawsuit with the Arbitration Court of the capital for the TV show “What? Where? When? » by 1.9 million rubles, follows from the information in the file of the court.

As reported on the website of the court, the plaintiff was the city property department of the capital. The defendant is the regional public organization « Association of TV program fans » What? Where? When? ”, The founders of which are Natalia Stetsenko, Director General of Igra TV, Andrei Kozlov, General Producer of Igra TV, and Boris Kryuk, the host of the program.

The materials indicate that the department wants to collect rent arrears from the organization from October 1, 2012 to May 20, 2013. The amount of payments is almost 1.6 million rubles, plus a fine of 325 thousand rubles.

The lease agreement between the mayor’s office and the organization was concluded in April 1995. The case is not reported on which particular area is in question.

The Chinese portal Sina published an article, the author of which admired the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. In his opinion, it is Russia’s most valuable weapon.

The author of the article notes that « Sarmat » weighs about 100 tons, and its firing range is at least 10 thousand kilometers. The missile can carry 16 guided warheads with both conventional and nuclear warheads. According to him, the missile is capable of penetrating any air defense system, thereby « forcing the United States to bite its tongue, » RIA Novosti reports.

“Even if the most powerful American missile defense system is used, it will not bring much effect,” the publication says.

The user noticed that the « Sarmat » has two versions: one is intended for the United States, and the other – for Europe. The difference between the two modifications lies in the mass and firing range, however, both options are suitable for the delivery of nuclear warheads with separate guidance.

“It only takes one rocket for such a large country like France to disappear from the face of the earth. Ten such missiles will ensure the complete destruction of the Americans. It’s even scary to think about all this, ”the author concluded.

Earlier, the Chinese media reported that the Russian military complexes « Sarmat », « Avangard » and « Yars » have outstanding combat properties, they are extremely dangerous for a potential enemy. In addition, the Iranian news agency Akharin Khabar wrote an article in which « Sarmat » was called a « message » from Russia to US President-elect Joe Biden.

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