Ebene Magazine – Daft Punk have announced their breakup

Ebene Magazine - Daft Punk have announced their breakup

The couple’s publicist, Kathryn Frazier, confirmed the news to Pitchfork after a video was posted on their YouTube channel:

The eight-minute clip titled « Epilog » shows the duo how it is with helmets and Leather jackets going through a desert.

The couple can be seen going face to face (i.e. from visor to visor) before taking off their embroidered Daft Punk jacket and showing an energy pack on their backs.

The other reaches out and touches the button on the pack. Ut oh. The member without a jacket then walks in the opposite direction before blowing up.

No reason was given for the breakup, but many fans were devastated.

One person wrote on social media: « undefinedundefinedDaft Punk has just announced that it will officially end after 28 years. »

Real sadness. These guys will forever be musical legends. « 

Another added: » Daft Punk 1993-2021. What an incredible impact they have had on the world of music, « while a third commented, » Daft punk is … breaking up? It really is the end of an era. I love you guys Thank you for being an entrance and a gateway for music to me. « 

If you don’t like Daft Punk, I’ll just assume you’re in a really bad mood. Thanks to Daft Punk for this all time classic. pic.twitter.com/JmiN8tJjt7

Came on Twitter It sparked an argument after someone claimed the dance duo was a hit miracle, and in response one fan said, « ‘Get Lucky’ was of course their most popular song, but they influenced and paved the way for electronic music. Electronic music isn’t usually on the radio or pop charts. « 

Somebody agreed, » The fact that I was interested in ‘One More Time’ or ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ or even ‘ Around the World ‘thought as I read the original paragraph instead of’ Get Lucky ‘shows that she definitely [sic] not one hit miracle. « 

Many others shared their excitement at seeing a video fall – only to see what was going on.

One said, » Anyone when they see a notification: YES, YOU ARE BACK . All of them after watching: right sadder than who they were. « 

Another added, » I first partied when I thought they were back and a wave of realization hit me pretty hard. « 

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