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West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021): It is said that when politics is to be won, everything, price, punishment, distinction are adopted. In the electoral environment, whether it is the culture of the states or the costumes, the leaders try their best to rub in that color to reach the seat of power. Even the language of the place is memorized by rote. If this does not work, then from the temple-mosque tour, all kinds of rituals are adopted. Not only this, many times politicians also appear to follow a variety of superstitions and tricks. The latest example of which has been seen in West Bengal.

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee chose a small room to announce the names of party candidates, whom she considers lucky for herself. Not only this, she also chose the day which she had chosen in the last 2 elections. Today is Friday, and Jumme’s Jin is also, in the last two elections, Mamata Banerjee chose this day to declare the candidates. Mamta Banerjee announced the candidates for the 2011 and 2016 assembly elections on Friday. Now this time again, he has declared the candidates as auspicious on Friday.

Not only this, TMC chief Mamata Banerjee has been repeatedly declaring candidates from this room. The important thing is that TMC candidates had won in both the last elections and Mamta Banerjee was successful in forming the government. Similarly, this time again Mamta Banerjee chose this room for the declaration of candidates. Perhaps this time also Mamta Banerjee must have felt that if the candidates are announced from this room, then there can be a victory in the election.

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It is said that Mamta Banerjee considers both these things lucky for herself. However, Mamata Banerjee is also a little nervous this time. But there is no reiteration that tricks also go on a lot in elections. It is not that only TMC is adopting such tricks, and all other parties use all kinds of tricks to win the election. However, this situation has been seen inside TMC and in such a situation, how much ‘Totka’ can be proved, it will be clear on 2 May.

Let us tell you that today TMC led by Mamata Banerjee has announced its candidates for 291 out of 294 assembly seats in the state. TMC has given tickets to 42 Muslim candidates. 79 candidates from SC (SC) category and 17 candidates from ST (ST) category have been fielded. 51 women have also been made candidates. New candidates have also been fielded. The party has given tickets to sportsmen and film personalities who have joined TMC recently.

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