Ebene Magazine – Dobrovinsky told why he went to court over Efremov on a scooter ru

Ebene Magazine - Dobrovinsky told why he went to court over Efremov on a scooter ru

Moscow, January 18. Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky went to court hearings in the case of actor Mikhail Efremov on a scooter. He explained why he chose such a vehicle for business.

Hundreds of journalists stood around the Presnensky Court, where Efremov’s case was heard. But most of them, according to Dobrovinsky, were interested in what he would wear to the meeting and in what car he would arrive, and not the trial of Efremov itself.

“They were interested in what clothes I wear, how much my glasses cost, what car I drive, what shirt I wear, what watch I wear. I am tired of this. And I decided to come by scooter, ”said a well-known lawyer.

Dobrovinsky also recalled the case of the actor. The defense of Mikhail Olegovich took a position of denial, saying in court that the actor did not remember anything. But Dobrovinsky managed to find witnesses of that terrible accident, as a result of which Sergei Zakharov died.

“They first disappeared somewhere. Then your colleagues invited me to participate in the program. I turned to the residents of Moscow. He said that I was looking for these two people. And in the evening they called me. It was the man who helped Efremov get out of the car. And then the woman (who was filming the incident. – Approx. FAN) called, ”the lawyer said on the air of the program“ The Fate of a Man ”.

Mikhail Efremov was sentenced to seven and a half years for a fatal traffic accident in the center of Moscow. The artist was at the time of the accident in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

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