Ebene Magazine – « Doctors themselves do not fully understand what is happening »: Malinovsky loses his sight ru

Ebene Magazine - "Doctors themselves do not fully understand what is happening": Malinovsky loses his sight ru

Georgy Malinovsky was three times a participant in the famous mystical show « The Battle of Psychics ». Despite his gift, he cannot help himself. For a long time, the medium has been suffering from serious vision problems. Doctors just shrug their shoulders – in their opinion, with such a disappointing diagnosis, Malinovsky should have gone blind for a long time.

However, the psychic himself does not lose his presence of mind. He was able to adapt and tries, despite his vision problems, to lead a normal life. At the same time, Malinovsky is well aware that the situation is only getting worse. But nothing can be done, doctors say.

“I have a chronic, inoperable disease – one of the varieties of retinal degeneration. Vision continues to fall. It got to the point that I can only read what is written in white on black, and not in black and white, as all normal people read. I am a patient at the Helmholtz Clinic. But the doctors themselves do not fully understand what is happening to me. They say that with such a diagnosis I shouldn’t see anything at all. In fact, this is blindness « ,

– said Georgy Malinovsky. The psychic accepts his illness with humility. He admitted that he was already used to living with his problem. According to the medium, his vision allows him to live, but this is clearly not enough for him to feel comfortable, reports « Interlocutor ».

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