Ebene Magazine – Dyson Sphere Program Resource Gathering, Fractionation and Refining Guide ru

Ebene Magazine - Dyson Sphere Program Resource Gathering, Fractionation and Refining Guide ru

Resource gathering, fractionation and refining are some of the most important mechanics in the Dyson Sphere Program strategy. Let’s figure out how they work.

At the beginning of the game, we begin to build our base on the surface of the planet. The first step is to find a place where there is coal (coal ore), stone (stone veins), iron ore (iron ore) and copper ore (cooper ore). These are the main resources that you will mine and use for development.

Go to the « Technologies » tab and study « Electromagnetism ». This will allow you to build three main buildings: a mining machine, a Tesla tower, and a wind turbine.

To automate the mining of Iron or Copper, you need to place a Mining Machine in front of several points of the desired resource. There must also be a source of electricity nearby (Wind turbine) to run it. It is best to have as many resources as possible near the installation. A resource source can be used by multiple mining machines, however, resource reserves will be consumed faster.

We study the « Basic logistic system » (Basic logistic system) in the « Technologies » tab (Technologies). Now we will be able to build Conveyor belt, Sorter and Storage.

Choose an open space for construction. After you have installed the Mining Machine and turned it on, you must build a Conveyor belt nearby. Conveyor belt works in the direction of construction. If you built it from left to right, then the cargo will travel in the same direction. At the other end of the tape we build a warehouse (Storage). We build the Conveyor belt from the mining machine, but we don’t bring it to the warehouse, we leave one or two cells. Then we use the Sorter to connect the Conveyor belt and the Storage. Now we can mine ore and store its reserves in the warehouse (Storage). In the Mining Machine itself, no more than 50 units of ore can be stored.

Once the Iron Ore is mined, you can load it into the Smelter to turn it into Ingots or Magnets. To learn how to build a Smelter, learn Automaic metallurgy in the Technologies tab.

You will need to use Sorters and a Conveyor belt to transfer the ore to and from the Smelters. Below is an example of a basic iron ore bar production plant. Next, you can add a Storage to store Ingots, otherwise you will have to constantly collect them from the smelter into your inventory.

Fractionation is the process of converting hydrogen (Hydrogen) to deuterium (Deuterium). The distillation plant (Fractioning Still) picks up hydrogen from one side and removes it from the other. The chance of getting Deuterium is only 0.05%.

This means that an ideal setup involves creating a constant flow of hydrogen (Hydrogen) into and out of a Fractioning Still. This is easiest to do by creating a conveyor circle and adding a Fractioning Still to it. When your hydrogen supply (Hydrogen) becomes more stable, you can add more distillation units (Fractioning Still) to the main hydrogen supply line (Hydrogen). You can also add a storage to the line.

The Splitter is used with a priority output to ensure that Hydrogen never stops circulating through the unit.

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