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Last Sunday, the largest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, came to life. Its activity led to a violent eruption, which is being watched by scientists. Analyzing the current event and comparing its characteristics with previous ones, geologists have come to the conclusion that Mount Etna is losing its fantastic strength. The largest active volcano spewed hot streams of bubbling lava and columns of ash.

Volcanologist Boris Benke of the University of Sicily has been following the eruption of Mount Etna since Sunday, when the first lava flows began to seep from the volcano’s southeastern crater. Already on Monday evening, the crater exploded in a new stage of eruptions. He released a huge stream of lava, hot ash and gas. The streams were distributed in several directions.

One of them began to flow down the eastern side of the crater. The second stream was recorded on the southeastern side of the crater. It spread across the Valle del Bove. It is shaped like a horseshoe at the very edge of the volcano, and it is uninhabited. This spectacle was seen by hundreds of people who happened to be near the volcano these days. They observed streams of molten lava, which glowed with red reflection against the background of a dark rock. Sparks scattered from her in different directions.

The Italian authorities have published a notice that contains information on hazardous ash. It can reach the nearest cities and towns. Traces of it have already been found in the Fleury area, which is 29 kilometers from the volcano. Researchers say the eruption could pose a danger to people living nearby. In their opinion, the Etna volcano is losing strength.

Previous eruptions were much more powerful and lasting. A detailed study of the events will allow scientists to find out the reasons for the decrease in activity. Maybe it lies in some peculiarities of the state of the earth’s strata. Another reason may be climate change, which affects the state of water resources, forest plantations and soil characteristics.

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