Ebene Magazine – Eurosport bets with Winline: Juventus v Napoli, Manchester City v Aston Villa, Fulham v Manchester United ru

Ebene Magazine - Eurosport bets with Winline: Juventus v Napoli, Manchester City v Aston Villa, Fulham v Manchester United ru

How to entertain yourself in the middle of the week? Of course, include your favorite football. Choose a match and warm up emotions.

In December, experts excluded City from the championship race when Pep Guardiola’s team won only three of 10 Premier League matches. But by the end of January, the « townspeople » are leading in the championship in terms of lost points.

The turning point was Pep’s move to strengthen the defense. It is not clear what Guardiola did, but John Stones / Ruben Dias are now the most impassable bunch of the league. City have conceded a paltry three goals in their last 15 games across all tournaments: a rare counterattack from Arsenal, an accident from West Brom, and a bank from Chelsea as everyone relaxed in the final minutes at 3-0.

And how can Aston Villa beat these guys? Also at Etihad. Not sure it’s going to happen.

A similar situation is with Manchester United, which tightly tied even Liverpool in defense. In the last four matches, the Red Devils conceded only one goal. This greatly complicates the task for Fulham, who last won the championship back in 2020.

In addition, the “summer residents” are very tight in attack: only three goals in the last seven Premier League matches. To all this we add the motivation of the « devils » who clearly believed in themselves and in the title. In short, the concentration will help “MU” not to miss the stunted “summer residents” who have forgotten how to attack and trudge in the relegation zone.

First, Juve will be hacked to death for the Italian Super Cup for the ninth time in a row. Secondly, the Turin players won only four of the eight previous finals. This already hints that the struggle will be, despite the greatness of Turin. Thirdly, two of them played against Napoli – both times the teams ended in draws in main time.

Plus the teams are in good shape: if we discard the defeat at Inter, then Andrea Pirlo had four wins in a row. The Neapolitans have also had four wins in their last five games, including an impressive 6-0 over Fiorentina.

In short, now everything is screaming that there is no clear favorite in the final, and when this happens, the Italians dry up to the maximum.

The closer the title, the more concentration Atlético has. Diego Simeone and so did not require a lot of attacks from the team, so now the « Indians » have the right to act even more carefully.

The meeting with Eibar should go according to the usual scenario: a goal by Atlético, and then counterattacks by Madrid. Considering that Atlético scores an average of two goals per game, you should not expect an abundance of cans here either. Most likely, the « Indians » will decide everything in one of the halves: either they will quickly kill in the first and dry out, or they will starve out in the second.

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