Ebene Magazine – Gokul Election: Redekar wins from opposition, Mahadik wins from ruling mr


Kolhapur: In the Gokul election, Anjana Kedari Redekar from the opposition and Shaumika Amal Mahadika from the ruling party won in the women’s category.

Redekar maintained his majority in the last round as well. In the eighth round, Mahadik broke the lead and scored the winning goal. Redekar got 1872 votes, while Mahadik got 1769 votes. Anuradha Patil-Sarudkar from the ruling party and Sushmita Patil from the opposition lost. Patil-Sarudkar got 1704 votes and Patil got 1723 votes.

After the counting of votes in Gokul’s election started in the morning, the women’s group caught everyone’s attention. In two rounds, Patil-Sarudkar of the ruling party got 415 votes while Mahadik got 410 votes. Opposition’s Sushmita Patil got 420 votes while Redekar got 463 votes. In the fourth round, Sarudkar got 881 votes, Mahadik got 858 votes, Patil of the opposition got 843 votes and Redekar got 925 votes.

Meanwhile, Mahadik’s lead brought relief to the ruling party. Therefore, the attention of the supporters is focused on who will get more votes in the next round. However, in the seventh round, Patil again took the lead with 1505 votes. Mahadik got 1483 votes in this round. Also, Redekar got 1660 votes, while Patil-Sarudkar got 1453 votes. Opposition activists rallied as Redekar took the decisive lead in this round. Opponents of the opposition were overjoyed when Redekar won the final. At the same time, after Mahadik’s victory from the ruling party, the ruling party also hailed the names of the leaders of the alliance.

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