Ebene Magazine – Head Massages During Webinar, Wife’s Scolding For Getting Vaccine: This Doctor is Now Viral en

Ebene Magazine - Head Massages During Webinar, Wife's Scolding For Getting Vaccine: This Doctor is Now Viral en

Last one year with pandemic has been a difficult one. It tested our patience, potential and grit. While we remained indoors, webinars, video calls, etc became the reality of work life under the new normal. But this hasn’t been without any goof ups as we tried to get a hang of the new world.

Goof ups, sometimes even scandals, during video meetings have been common. But this old man from somewhere in India has taken the Internet by storm. A couple of videos of Dr KK Aggarwal have gone viral on social media. In one video, he is speaking during a live session after taking coronavirus vaccine. As he speaks, his phone rings and he attends the call. It is apparently his wife on the other end who starts asking him where he is.

Doctor KK Agarwal got himself vaccinated without his wife. Note to self : don’t ever pick-up phone while you are live on tv 🙂 #forwarded. pic.twitter.com/uhIQYvZ4IO

As he tells her that he just got vaccinated, the woman on the other end loses her calm and gives him a dressing down for getting vaccinated without her. He tries to pacify her by saying that he will take her for vaccination on Monday morning, but she refuses to listen. His wife gives him an earful before he hangs up.

People are sharing the video on social media that one should not receive wife’s phone call during a live session.

Another video of the same old man has also gone viral where he is seen taking a head massage during a webinar.

Same gentleman got a head massage during a live webinar. Cc @NihaMasih @chirag @siddharth3 https://t.co/M2azEKFavH pic.twitter.com/M6u4wWX7HM

It is either that Dr Aggarwal doesn’t understand how video conferencing and live sessions work or it could also be that he knows, but doesn’t care about the world of social media watching him.

To see how senior citizens reacted to the new normal and the dependence on technology in pandemic, a study called the ‘State of Seniors’ was conducted by Antara and Access Media International over October-November 2020. It found that seniors are now more text-savy than before.

The survey found that seniors are acquainting themselves with smartphones at a faster pace to stay connected with their family. The Covid-19 pandemic has played a crucial role in the faster adoption of electronic gadgets among the senior population. The survey revealed that nearly 77% of seniors use their smartphones for messaging and chatting purposes.

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