Ebene Magazine – Hilaria Baldwin spoke at the United Nations of being « half Spanish ».

Ebene Magazine - Hilaria Baldwin spoke at the United Nations of being "half Spanish".

Hilaria Baldwin posted feverishly happy family photos of Alec Baldwin and her five young children on Instagram trying to fix her reputation and influencer brand, but it’s a recently released video that’s now the problem.

Baldwin’s critics say the Boston-born podcaster and yoga teacher, who flaunts a Spanish heritage she doesn’t have, tried to mislead United Nations officials about it in 2019. Last week, they discovered a video of her talk at A special UN session on healthy eating and the environment where she was identified as « half Spanish » and immortalized the idea of ​​growing up in Spain.

Vignettes from the special event for the publication of the EAT Lancet Commission’s report on Food, Planets and Garden Health pic.twitter.com/XfNwJNCaSJ

During the session, Baldwin also spoke with a slight Spanish accent that she has had for the past 10 years on television and in podcast appearances.

The UN video is from the time when Hilaria and Alec Baldwin started the EAT Lancet Commission on Nutrition, Health and Planets participated to promote plant-rich diets, to change food systems and to protect the environment. The launch of the report of the non-profit commission was organized by the United Nations Environment Program and the Norwegian government. A clip is below:

Hilaria Baldwin was identified as a « Wellness Expert » for the event and spoke during a panel discussion moderated by David Nabarro, a leading international health official who has served as the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy.

For some reason, Nabarro was told about Hilaria Baldwin’s alleged Spanish heritage because he asked her his first question: « You are actually half Spanish and half American. » Baldwin did not disapprove of this thought to Nabarro when she responded to his question about how, as a mother of five and an « expert on human health and wellbeing », she had incorporated healthy eating into her life.

Later, Nabarro repeated the idea of Baldwin’s background in Spain when he said, “You are both Spanish and American.”

Hilaria Baldwin explicitly affirmed this idea with “um-hum”. Nabarro then asked how the diet recommended in the EAT Lancet Commission’s report agrees with the Spanish Mediterranean diet that “your family may have eaten at home”.

Baldwin said, “I think so” – and again did not ask It is clear that she is not Spanish, but was born into a family whose roots in New England go back several generations. Baldwin instead repeated an oft-told story about herself – how she defied trends in her family by becoming a vegetarian at the age of 5.

Baldwin also told Nabarro that she had given up dairy when she was 20, and used that disclosure to speak as if she had the familiarity of a Spaniard with the food culture of this country.

« And so we eat a lot of milk in Spain, » said Hilaria Baldwin. “There is a lot of meat. There is some shift, but yes it is more dietary (in Spain) than in this country. « 

After Hilaria Baldwin’s conversation with Nabarro, Alec Baldwin, identified as an » actor and activist « , spoke about the environmental damage caused by massive food production affecting people around the world with meat and chicken

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, who have been married since 2012 and share five children aged 7 to five months, have also made several promos for the initiative, which it seems they might enjoy the prestige of being To be UN ambassadors of goodwill like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson and other celebrities.

37-year-old Hilaria Baldwin has been at the center of a scandal over her legacy since late 2020. At this point, people on social media and on Reddit were discovering several examples from television, podcast, and magazine interviews, including in Spanish-language publications.She used a fluctuating Spanish accent or claimed to be born in Spain, with a family from Spain, or as Spanish Designate a native speaker. Alec Baldwin, 62, was featured in a 2013 interview with David Letterman in which he said his wife was « from Spain » when he jokingly imitated her Spanish accent.

Your critics who say they use their  » Grift ”, speculate that Hilaria Baldwin believed that Spanish would somehow make her more interesting and glamorous. It’s also possible that she felt comfortable visiting the United Nations and trying to partake in its international culture.

When her legacy controversy began to simmer, Hilaria Baldwin made an initial statement in which she confirmed that she was born in Boston, but she accused the media of falsely reporting her place of birth.

She returned to Instagram in early February after staying away for more than a month. She wrote a carefully worded message, « I’ve spent the last month listening, thinking, and wondering how I can learn and grow. » However, critics accused Hilaria Baldwin of using a classic apology without an excuse. While she said she was « sorry, » critics noted that she did not regret allegedly lying to her fans or engaging in what they termed cultural appropriation. Hilaria Baldwin only apologized for not being “clearer” about how she described her affinity for American and Spanish cultures.

« My parents raised my brother and me with two cultures, American and Spanish, and me feel a real sense of belonging to both, « wrote Hilaria Baldwin. « The way I talked about myself and my deep connection with two cultures could have been better explained – I should have been clearer and I’m sorry. »

Hilaria Baldwin continued to double her main defense, by re-explaining how she is raising her five children bilingual and sharing “the same love and respect” for both cultures.

In her previous comments at the UN meeting, Hilaria Baldwin said she was “setting a good example goes ahead “when it comes to promoting healthy eating for both their fans and their children. The Baldwin family’s diet does not include meat or dairy, she said.

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« We eat really well, » said Hilaria Baldwin, who also announced the recipes in her 2016 book The Living Clearly Method. She said, « It is my job as a mother, our job as parents, to feed them well so that they are healthy and very well behaved. »

« You can enjoy things, » said Hilaria Baldwin. “If they go to birthday parties, they can have the ice cream. You can have the pizza. You can experiment and experience other things. “

She said they might notice their bellies hurting or they might get grumpy and tell her, » Mom, I think that’s because I ate pizza with cheese on it and my body is not used to it . « 

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