Ebene Magazine – In Spain, Siberian winter: -25 ° C after a snow storm ru

Ebene Magazine - In Spain, Siberian winter: -25 ° C after a snow storm ru

A real Siberian winter with its snowfall and frost fell upon the inhabitants of central Spain. On Monday, temperatures in areas east of Madrid dropped to -25 ° C. It was the coldest night in 20 years in the Iberian Peninsula, where winters are usually quite mild.

The authorities are asking the elderly to stay at home. Snow cyclone « Philomena » brought huge masses of snow and covered the sidewalks and roads with ice, creating dangerous conditions for traffic and pedestrians.

Molina de Aragon is a city and municipality in the province of Guadalajara, located 197 km northeast of Madrid and nicknamed « Spanish Siberia » because of the relatively cool weather, which fully justified this name.

In the capital of the country, Madrid, the temperature dropped to -16 ° C at night. Hospitals here are already struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, and here the ice has led to a sharp increase in the number of patients who slipped and broke their legs.

The snow cyclone resulted in power outages, shutdown of commuter trains and many flights. The situation is slowly returning to normal, but transport delays remain.

Ref: https://news.mail.ru



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