Ebene Magazine – In the super market, the ‘Bhimkayi’ lizard did all the reversal, people remembered ‘Godzilla’ [Video] hi


Bangkok: We know that Godzilla vs Kong is still fresh in the minds of film lovers around the world. Meanwhile, a video has come out from Thailand’s super market that once again reminds me of this film. The video has gone viral on social media, in which a large-sized lizard is seen climbing up onto a rack full of goods in the supermarket.

The frightening scene is from Thailand’s 7 Eleven store, which was shared online by Thai travel agency Mundo Nomada. In this, the giant lizard is seen climbing on a rack full of salmon, due to which many items keep falling. Climbing up to a place when he is stable, he can also be seen moving his tongue in and out, which looks very scary.

The video was first shared on Twitter, after which it was deleted. This video clip has now been shared on Facebook and YouTube. Later in a tweet, Mundo Nomada reported that such large-sized lizards are quite common in Bangkok and other parts of the country. However, it is uncommon for them to be found in a supermarket.

The lizard found in Thailand’s supermarket is said to be 8 feet in length. A voice is heard in the video, ‘Oh my God! My shelves were ruined. ‘ At the end of the video, the lizard can be seen resting on the top shelf, while people fear it. Local people speculate that the lizard arrived at the store in an attempt to escape the heat.

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