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Feb 22, 2021

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6 hours ago

Voices have been raised all over the world against the huge social media platforms of the world earning billions of rupees through the business of news received from local news companies of different countries and not paying their news. After France, now the strong initiative has been taken by Australia. The world’s big social media platforms Google and Facebook have alleged that they have used the news of various countries of the world for their benefit. They are making huge profits by selling these information and data to business houses. In all the countries where resistance against it came up, Google and Facebook expressed our gratitude that we are giving free services to your citizens. If we are forced to share the dividend, we will stop free service. This resistance initiative took place in France, in which copyright law was enacted when French media houses took news, after which Google started paying the news to French media companies. But due to lack of awareness in the rest of the world, social media platforms continue to be arbitrary. Australia has shown sharp attitude on this issue. He even talked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sought help to crack down on Google and Facebook. The Prime Minister of Australia also made similar contacts with the Heads of State of Britain and Canada.

Against this arbitrariness, Australia will soon enact a compromise law in Parliament to control misuse of indigenous news, under which definitions of news content will be drafted. So that these companies do not make arbitrary profits by taking the news for free. In this way, news houses use the medium of internet to spread their news to more people. On which these companies not only sell data to corporate houses, but earn double profits by imposing advertisements on them. Actually, these companies doing the business of information are making big profits through news on the one hand, while also ruling the minds of the people of the countries of the world. The personal information that people post on these mediums, companies are making huge profits by selling them to set the business direction of corporate houses. Not only this, with the help of these information and trends, they also create a favorable environment for corporate products. To say that these companies claim that we are providing free platforms for different countries, but in reality people have to pay a big price for this free. In the true sense, people have become products for the arbitrariness of these companies. In fact, these giant social media plate forms have now started the game of shaking governments and making various movements aggressive. The latest toolkit controversy in India is its latest link.



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