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NEW DELHI: It has been announced that IPL matches will be held following a tough bio-bubble, as corona exposure has been confirmed for some players participating in the IPL. What is that Bio Bubble?

Corona pearl continues to increase in India. The daily corona exposure has surpassed 1.26 lakh, the highest ever. The incidence of corona continues to rise in states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Due to this the Government of Maharashtra has declared Lockdown at night and on weekends. Similarly, states like Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka have announced several new restrictions.

In this dire situation, the BCCI plans to hold the IPL matches from tomorrow till May 30. Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Kolkata have been selected for the IPL matches due to the spread of Corona. It has been announced that all matches for all teams will be held at the Neutral Ground as it would not be right if only a few teams had the advantage of participating on home soil.

The first match between Mumbai and Bangalore will be played in Chennai tomorrow. In this situation, Akshar Patel, Devdhat Padikkal, Nitish Rana, Daniel Sams and many other players in the line-up are confirmed by Corona. Among them are Devdhat Padikkal and Daniel Sams from the Bangalore team. This raised doubts as to whether the IPL matches would start as planned. However, BCCI President Ganguly explained that the IPL matches will go ahead as planned.

It has been announced that Bio Bubble will be followed in IPL matches. This bio-bubble method was followed when the IPL series was held in the United States last year. Well what is it Bio Bubble? All international cricket matches were canceled when the corona spread began last year. The first Test series between England and the West Indies followed the Bio Bubble method.

That means players, referees, broadcast crew, team management staff, and ground staff will all be in this bio bubble throughout the series. All of these must always be within a certain circle. They are only allowed to visit the grounds, hotels and gymnasiums listed in the BioBubble. Nor should they meet anyone outside the Bio Bubble.

Similarly, those who are in the bio-bubble will be subjected to regular medical examination. Their body temperature will be monitored continuously. Also, they will be given a corona medical examination once in a few days. This is how the IPL matches were held last IPL season. This is the way IPL matches are played this time.

However, the daily corona exposure in India currently exceeds one lakh. This also led to fears of what to do if players had corona damage during matches. The BCCI has said that all matches will be played without spectators and the Bio Bubble will be strictly adhered to so that there will be no problems in holding matches.

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