Ebene Magazine – Jaya ‘Bhishma’ Ekadashi te

Ebene Magazine - Jaya 'Bhishma' Ekadashi te

Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Jayanti. After the end of the Indian War, Bhishma’s father remained on Ampashayya. Wherever they went to their respective kingdoms.

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In the Mahabharata, Bhishma was the son of Maharaja Shantana. Former name « Devavratudu ». Bhishma is a major and powerful figure in India. Bhishma’s role as a truthful and valiant man is remarkable.

Bhishma Ekadashi is the Ekadashi of Magha Shukla. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama is the great advice given to the Pandavas by Bhishma’s father. Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Jayanti. After the end of the Indian War, Bhishma’s father remained on Ampashayya. Wherever they went to their respective kingdoms. About a month passed and one day while Lord Krishna was talking to the Pandavas, Lord Krishna suddenly stopped talking to the Pandavas. The Pandavas were furious. Lord Krishna was asked what happened. Lord Krishna replied to them, « Mandhyati Bhagavan Bhishmah Tapome Tadgatam Manah. » That’s why Namanasu went there.

‘O Pandavas! Depart, near Bhishma. Because Bhishma is an atheist, a devotee of virtues. A Mahanite who was completely hungry for the sciences. Mahoney who clearly knows the ways in which humanity needs to move. He is a man who has realized how easy it is to drive a living being. He is the only great man who can standardize any doubts about Dharma. The time for his departure from the body is approaching. If he dies there will be no people in the world who will clear the doubts of Dharma. That is why you should come to know the subtle things. ‘Bhishma brought him to his father.

Bhishma had been lying on the ground for about a month and a half. The body was full of arrows, the energy was completely depleted, the actual month was drying up in the sun, freezing in the snow, no water, no food. Voluntary death can bring, but he endured so much suffering. Thought it should be until the northeast. God wants to leave the body on an Ekadashi day. He is the one who is able to realize Lord Krishna in the mind. He is the one who can talk to Lord Krishna in the temple of his heart. The Upanishads say that there is no rule of today for such wise sages. And there is no rule as to who will perform the karma. Bhishma was a great man who thought of himself as « Mata Pita Brata Nivasah Sharanam Suhrut Gatih Gamyam Sarvam Narayana ». He believes that everything belongs to Lord Krishna. Therefore, even if he dies, we will never have God’s approval.

He clearly remembers one of the mistakes he made. Every mistake made is written on the body! Good luck unless it is removed. What went wrong? Draupadi could not do anything if he was insulted in the middle of the meeting. Bhagwat sat down to watch the devotee being humiliated. Draupadi loves Lord Krishna the most. His guru Vashisht said, « Mahatyapadi samprapte samattavya: Bhagavan Harih » Remember Srihari when there is a danger that no one else has removed. What could her five most valiant husbands do in the middle of the day? They were enslaved to the Kauravas. Gone are the days of not being able to confront the Kauravas. They practiced not just ordinary virtue, but set aside the special virtue of protecting her as a fellow human being.

Lord Krishna could not bear the humiliation that would befall his devotees. A total of one hundred courtiers were blunted for doing so. With that error the same fate befell the Pandavas. But in the end, Atte told them that only Draupadi, whom he wanted to save, would be harmed. This is what God Himself said to Arjuna. Lord Krishna said to Arjuna that whenever I had insulted Draupadi I had just taken away all of them and now except when they are just like burnt paper I have ever raised them, telling you to fight to tie that honor.

While Bhishma’s father Anadu was resolving the doubts raised by Dharmaraj, Draupadi next door laughed and said ‘Grandpa! What will happen if I am insulted? ‘ Bhishma replied, ‘Yes, Draupadi! My body ate the salt of Duryodhana, not under my control. I know you will be ashamed, but my body will not listen to me. Since I have committed such a heinous sin, I am still lying on the bed for the cleansing of that sin. ‘ Bhishma kept his promise to his father that he would protect the elephant throne. But, he set aside the special virtue by the influence of circumstances.

‘Hey Draupadi! There is no defilement in Krishna devotion, but the body has become evil. I am on the verge of purifying it, so today I can say dharmas. ‘He taught many virtues to the Pandavas. Lord Krishna blessed Bhishmapitamahudi with the blessing of not getting bodily harm. Bhishma asked if you could tell me why I am empowered. That is why I say Krishna, but the clarity that comes from a veteran like you does not exist if I say so. If I say it is philosophy, if you say it is philosophy. Philosophy does not say about itself unless one who has seen philosophy says philosophy. Can I say that the soil is so essence! The one that ripens in that soil tells you how fertile that soil is. Also you are experienced, if you preach it is good for the world.

God is like the sea, there is water but it is not drinkable. The same water is drinkable if it rains clouds. That is why it is good for the world if the knowledge of Bhagavat is received directly by Bhishma who knows the philosophy of Bhagavat. Atla was blessed by Lord Krishna and preached the essence of Dharma to the Pandavas through Bhishma. The Bhagavad Gita was recited directly by Lord Krishna, while Lord Vishnu recited the Sahasranama through Bhishma. That is why Lord Vishnu can be easily swept away by the Sahasranamas.

Especially Vishnu Sahasra Nama Japam, meditation removes fear and brings good luck. Let us remember Ganapati, Vyasa Bhagavan, Pitamahu, Pandavas, mothers, fathers, gurus with devotion and chant these divine names and meditate on Lord Tejo Mayu and be freed from suffering. Virtue is attained whenever Vishnu Sahasranama is recited. Especially since Bhishma is Ekadashi, let us recite the Vishnu Sahasranama with all devotional care Jai Srimannarayana.

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