Ebene Magazine – Jesy Nelson remembers how she « starved and bullied » herself in an Instagram photo


Thursday, February 25, 2021, 11:08 a.m.

By Ellen Smith

Jesy Nelson shared a heartbreaking photo, recalling how she starved and bullied herself back then.

The former Little Mix star took to Instagram to share the photo in hopes it could help others who are going through what she has just been through.

Jesy revealed she was herself on the day the photo was taken of looking in the mirror and criticizing her appearance.

She writes, « I just saw this picture show up on my feed and it caught me So sad. The day this picture was taken, I remember going to the gym with my manager and standing in the mirror and saying, ‘God I’m so fat I just want me to my legs are like this’ and I pulled my skin around trying to create a thigh gap because I really believed that being thin would make me happier. « 

Jesy heartbreakingly reveals, » Even than me came to size 8 through starvation, i still wasn’t happy I mentally bullied every day to try to please other people. « 

The turning point for Jesy, however, was the moment when she realized that the only person she should focus on is herself and makes himself happy.

She writes: « It took me 10 years to realize that I am the only person I have to please. As human beings, it is so easy for us to compliment other people, yet it is so difficult for us to be kind to ourselves because it is. « It’s much easier to tear ourselves apart than to find things who we love about ourselves. « 

She tells her followers, » If you are someone who feels like me, please don’t waste years of your life seeking the consent of others, but your own consent. Be your biggest fan. You are in control.  » of your luck and you’re the only one of you in this world and that’s pretty damn powerful! « 

One writes: » This is exactly what young girls have to read these days … As a mother of four, thank you for writing this to Jess … So much love for you, my dear. « Another says : « Thank you for sharing this Jesy. I am really struggling with my own perception and weight and keep trying to tell myself that it’s not that bad, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s so hard not to get overwhelmed and consumed by it. This has come at the right time. Thank you. « 

Jesy announced in December that her time at Little Mix had come to an end and revealed that she would like to take some time to focus on herself, her sanity, and the next chapter of her life.

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