Ebene Magazine – Justice Fight: NRL’s Latrell Double Standard Uncovered


These are the images blowing up South Sydney on the NRL’s Match Review Committee on double standards allegations against Latrell Mitchell.

Ahead of what is expected to be an explosive and marathon evening in the judiciary, the Rabbitohs released pictures of three incidents from last weekend’s games that they believe highlight blatant inconsistencies in the game review process.

Standing on the sidelines for four weeks after three separate charges, Mitchell will at best get away with a ban if he can downgrade his dangerous second-class contact fee for the one-on-one against West Tigers David Nofoaluma.

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It is fair to say the Rabbitohs are baffled that Mitchell and Victor Radley were beaten on second class charges by the Sydney Roosters for their respective non-injury tackles with Nofoaluma and Cameron Munster.

However, that was the same rating given to Melbourne’s Felise Kaufusi for his sickening elbow to Parramatta’s Ryan Matterson, who has still not come back from concussion problems since the second-round clash

But Souths is also seething about Mitchell bringing charges of his knees slipping into the legs and feet of Tigers’ Luke Garner, while almost identical incidents were not charged over the weekend

While Latrell received a dangerous first class contact for which he was fined $ 1,600, Mitch Barnett of Newcastle and Jonus Pearson of Gold Coast were not fined for similar incidents of knee use. In Barnett’s case, the picture shows his knees towards the head of Cronulla’s Briton Nikora.

And the third incident is that after an attempt, Pearson comes to Tom Trbojevic late and hits him with his knees and body.

Souths asks how the NRL Match Review Committee missed these two other incidents that they claim seem even more serious, but Mitchell has been charged for his allegations.

The Rabbitohs believe this goes to the heart of the frustrations the game has engulfed this season over what many believe to be double standards in the NRL judicial process.
While there has been a lot of debate about what constitutes a Sin Bin and Send Off and what not when it comes to the match review process, everything is viewed in hindsight and incidents are observed over and over again in slow motion, frame by frame.

Therefore, the Rabbitohs cannot understand why Mitchell was charged and why others escaped.


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