Ebene Magazine – Liberal MP John Sidoti resigns from ICAC investigation

Ebene Magazine - Liberal MP John Sidoti resigns from ICAC investigation

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption will hold public hearings on allegations against standing by NSW Minister John Sidoti.

The hearings will take place 18 months after the ICAC confirmed that it was investigating allegations related to Mr Sidoti in 2019. At this point he resigned as Minister for Sports, Multiculturalism and Veterans.

The public hearings will begin on Monday March 29th and will bring attention back to integrity issues in the Berejikl government.

Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian has just confirmed that Mr Sidoti called her this morning and offered his official resignation from the ministry.

Acting Minister Geoff Lee will continue to serve on his portfolios « until I find a replacement in the near future, » said Ms. Berejiklian.

In a statement released this morning, an ICAC spokesman explained the nature of the investigation – citing two types of investigation – related to the impact on development.

« The Commission is investigating allegations that between March 26, 2011 and February 6, 2018, Mr Sidoti improperly induced another person or persons to dishonestly or partially perform any of their official functions in order to: change development controls affecting the country between Second concern moving forward Avenue and Barnstaple Road at Waterview Street, Five Dock, and / or any reallocation of land and / or proposals for the development of the land at Great North Road 120, 122 and 124, Five Dock and 2 Second Avenue, Five Dock, « said the statement.

« The Commission is also examining whether Mr Sidoti committed a breach of confidence between June 30, 2011 and June 30, 2019 by failing to provide a series of information on financial interests in breach of his constitutional obligations (information provided by members). NSW Parliament’s Code of Conduct for Members and Minister’s Code of Conduct.  »

The Chief Commissioner, the Hon. Peter Hall QC, will preside over the public inquiry. The adviser to the commission will be Rob Ranken.

The statement said the investigation will continue for four weeks and a list of witnesses has yet to be released.


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