Ebene Magazine – Live in relation with former French President Sarkozy, Carla Bruni, who were hiding at the bar to avoid public eggs hi

Ebene Magazine - Live in relation with former French President Sarkozy, Carla Bruni, who were hiding at the bar to avoid public eggs hi

A President whose heart came on a supermodel 12 years younger than him… Bypassing the political protocol, he brings the Presidential model with him to the President House of France and starts living in a live-in relationship with him… but in return he becomes super What does the model do… She starts calling her former lovers in supermodel government programs and it is from here that the story of a famous politician getting entangled in corruption and controversies…

Sometimes decorating precious roses for my Mehbooba, or the rain of gifts that were sorted from all over the world… it was like this, Nicolas Sarkozy’s style A Ishq… which he had with supermodel and singer Carla Bruni … Now you will say that the heart of the President also beats in the chest, then what is the evil in Ishaar Ishq… So if these gifts were spent on personal love will be spent from the public exchequer collected from the tax of the public then the controversy How will not arise… Sarkozy also came into controversy for the first time due to this royalty, which he spent on his then live-in partner Carla Bruni…

Sarkozy used to take Bruni along in his official visits while staying at the live Inn… despite that many countries of the world did not give the status of First Lady in the protocol due to Bruni not having a wife… However Sarkozy and Bruni later Got married… but Sarkozy did not know that his difficulties were going to increase after marriage…

It was only after marriage that the French Rashtrapati Bhavan got into controversies… because of three former lovers of Carla Bruni, whom she used to call Rashtrapati Bhavan without permission from Sarkozy… investigative journalist Besma Lahori writes in her book ‘Carla, A Secret Life’ Are, « Since marriage, Bruni has been calling someone else here and causing additional trouble for Nicholas Sarkozy. Along with singers, photographers, lawyers, people from media and politics were also included in the house. ” Carla is said to have had a long list of former lovers, including rock stars Mick Jagger and names such as Eric Clapton.

It is said that Sarkozy did not let a single chance of earning black money as president… even if he had to use foreign funding for this… If one such accusation is true, then Sarkozy has ex-Libyan dictator Gained multimillion-dollar help from Colonel Gaddafi « 

According to the news paper Daily Mail, Nicholas Sarkozy received about $ 65 million from former Libyan ruler Colonel Gaddafi and in 2007 this money was used to bring Sarkozy to power. It has been claimed in documents made public in Paris. While French law prohibits candidates from receiving more than £ 6300 as donations « .

This was a period when Sarkozy was forced to turn around politically due to the expenses incurred on Carla Bruni and the allegations of corruption, so one day there came the body of the French President to his President Nicolas Sarkozy They had to hide completely… because the public was running to kill them…

According to the British news portal Telegraph Co dot UK, « President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was campaigning in France, had to hide at one time due to the slander, taunts and insults of the people. » Sarkozy went to campaign in Basque County for the presidential election but some in the crowd threw eggs at him and chanted derogatory slogans, forcing Sarkozy to stay within the bar for about an hour. Later the security personnel made a siege and took them out of there. ”

At that time, Sarkozy had described the incident as a conspiracy by the anti-socialist parties, but now that the court has declared him guilty of legal corruption, it would not be wrong to say that at that time Sarkozy might be against the public. Didn’t get the sense of heartburn…

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