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Note = Now I will give a copy of Ramadan, in which Taraweeh, Helpline Roja’s diet and which is Roza duty and who has exemption in Roja

The month of Ramadan-e-Mubarak started as soon as the moon began. The first Rosa will be held on Wednesday. People saw the moon of the month with mercy and blessings and thanked Allah. In addition, people prayed for the elimination of Corona.

Ramadan is the best case month. Prayers are offered throughout the month and Allah is asked for forgiveness of his sins. The whole month is kept fast by staying hungry throughout the day. This time there will be long roses of 14 to 15 hours in the scorching heat.

Maulana Khalid Rashid, the Imam of Aishbagh Eidgah, says that it is mentioned in the hadiths that we should do more Sadak and Bhairat in this month. Deal with the poor with generosity and generosity. Rasul used to do most of the well work. In this month, his hardness increased even more. He ordered that Rojedars should perform Iftar. It is as much a dream to open a fast for a Rojdar as it is for a Roja.

The city Qazi Mufti Irfan Mian told that the house is far from the mosque. If you are not able to hear Azan’s voice for Sahari and Aftar, then you can open Rosa by watching the watch with caution. Sahari is Sunnah and Saawab. He told that Rasul ordered that he should eat rosaries and bear it. By eating this, you gain strength on the fast of the day. The Sunnah will be done when Sahari eats it after midnight. Although the food is Afzal at night.

Start preparing only after the effect. It is better to keep the things of Iftar in a good manner by laying the ground level. If there is no date palm to open Rosa, then iftar with water. Take the iftar before the time. Fazilat is that Allah makes the angels a witness and says that, look, my captors want to eat and drink and despite being present, they will eat at the same time when I am ordered. So all of you keep witness that I have smuggled those people.

The mound with a mound built on the banks of Gomti is unique in itself. Be it Eid or Bakrid, lakhs of people here offer namaz together. Thousands of Namazis also come in the prayers of Zuma. This mosque is a magnificent specimen of Mughal architecture. People of foreign countries also come to see this. This mosque is also mentioned in the freedom struggle. The mosque was built during the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Shah Pir Muhammad already lived here, a short distance from the mosque is his tomb (dargah). In Islamic studies, his name was known at home and abroad. He died in the year 1674. Located on the mound, it was named the mound mosque. The mounded mosque has three domes and high towers, which are visible from a distance. The mosque is made of brick and stone on raised platforms. There are three different parts to offer namaz in it.

The best month in the twelve months of the year is Ramadan because this month Allah gives him the opportunity of forgiveness of sins (Magafirat) on the Rosedars with the rains of their mercy, Barkat. This month, seventy times more of the prayer is available. The purpose of Roja is to keep man away from all illegitimate, non-human and non-Islamic things. Keeping one month’s fast creates the power to control the nafs in the human being because the purpose of fasting is to create a refusal inside the human being. Offer prayers by keeping yourself and others safe during this pandemic. – Maulana Khalid Rashid, Imam, Aishbagh Idgah

Mahe Ramadan is the month of the merits of Allah, in this month the daily is the guest of Allah. A human being is closer to Allah himself. In this month, there is a way to avoid crimes. Recite the Quran as much as possible. Just like water is the food of body. In the same way, Roja’s prayer is Roja. Rosa eradicates the evils within us. In this month, more and more Muslims should apologize to Allah for their sins. Must help others as well. Donate as much as possible in Corona. Remove a lot of zakat.-Maulana Kalbe Jawad, Imam-e-Zuma

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