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May 05, 2021 02:26 AM IST

Thiruvalla ∙ Everyone’s always loved Dr. Philip Mar Chrysostom was also a favorite of the great metropolitan venues. He described the discourse as a pleasurable creative act and continued to create explosions of humor and ideas in the pulpits.

He was the keynote speaker at up to seven venues a day, capturing the hearts of the audience with his words as the inaugural speaker, chairman, keynote speaker and blessing speaker. The venues are the same for Mar Chrysostomos, with tens or tens of thousands of participants.

People close to the Holy Prophet testify that he travels an average of 400 km on many days. Mar Chrysostom was one of the ways God spoke. Mar Chrysostom, who solved all the trivial arrogance and big doubts of man by walking along and laughing, is no longer a vivid memory.

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