Ebene Magazine – Masters 2021: Rory McIlroy has yet to overcome the mental hurdle to end Augusta’s agony, believes Paul McGinley

Ebene Magazine - Masters 2021: Rory McIlroy has yet to overcome the mental hurdle to end Augusta's agony, believes Paul McGinley

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Rory McIlroy grapples with Augusta during a training lap ahead of his final bid for Masters fame.

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Rory McIlroy may have time on his side as he searches for that elusive green jacket, but Sky Sports golf expert Paul McGinley believes he needs a mental trainer as much as he needs a swing trainer as he strives to combine his off-course life with the serious business of ending his nearly seven-year drought with the majors .

The competition at the top end of the game is now so fierce that juggling a multi-million dollar business empire with golf and family life is a daunting challenge when you try to compete with golf obsessives like Bryson DeChambeau.

« I wouldn’t say he’s running out of time, » said McGinley of McIlroy’s seventh attempt at the grand slam of his career with new coach Pete Cowen in his Complete entourage.

« But one of the biggest challenges Rory faces, and I know he’s going the tech path right now, is something I can speak about from experience. Life gets in the way.

« Your focus doesn’t stay the same as you get older. You get married, become a father, you have business interests. You don’t have the pure, driven ambitions of your 20s. If you look at Bryson , Certainly it’s nothing in its own way. There are no complications other than golf.

« This is a big, big challenge for Rory. As much as he goes the tech path with Pete, realizing where he is in his life and his career needs to be approached. « 

McGinley knows McIlroy well, but when it comes to the tremendous pressure that is involved Finishing the career grand slam, he believes the Holywood star needs psychological help.

« I think the biggest challenge, as much as Rory believes the answer lies in his technique and a change of coach, is there obviously some bigger hurdles to overcome mentally, « said McGinley.

 » Only five players have won the Grand Slam in the history of the game and he would join an incredibly elite society and that is a massive one mentally , massive change.

« I don’t know if he can get help getting over the line with it. It’s not just something to show up and win. It takes a tremendous monumental effort to get over the line with it to come. « 

 » The other guys, di e everyone won the Grand Slam only took three times to finish so they did it pretty quickly, while Rory, I think this is his seventh attempt and it’s getting harder, it doesn’t get easier. « 

« It’s like Lee Westwood is trying to win his first major. It gets more difficult over the years. Greg Norman is trying to win the Masters here. With the years it gets harder, not easier. « 

 » And they’re the big hurdles Rory faces, and because we all talk about him being as talented as he is, that brings a lot of expectation on his shoulders and every major he goes in has an expectation on his shoulders, and he feels it, I really think he feels the pressure.

The jury is on Cowen as the solution to McIlroy’s problems and McGinley just hopes that the Yorkshireman keeps it simple.

« It’s not rocket science for Rory, » he said, firmly believing the Co Down man can find his game quickly.

« When it gets to rocket science, it will it messes up even more in his head and he’ll play worse. I hope and trust that Pete will just give him something, but there’s also a word of warning out there watching Jordan (Spieth).

« Jordan in front two years this time everyone asked him to change coach and caddy, and all di Same story we got about Rory and he resisted it all, he stayed with the same team and now saw him in here as the second favorite this week and I think he’s going to take a lot of beating. « 

 » You have to go for the usual suspects, « said the Dubliner. » And Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau and Jordan Spieth are the three that stand out. « 

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