Ebene Magazine – Medical students harassed girlfriends, took revenge for stealing from medical colleges hi

Ebene Magazine - Medical students harassed girlfriends, took revenge for stealing from medical colleges hi

A very shocking case has emerged from Jamnagar, Gujarat. The police has arrested a 24-year-old boy here. The youth is accused of stealing more than 500 laptops from medical colleges across the country. The great thing is that all these laptops have been found by medical students only. Police have said that the boy caught has confessed to his crime. Also told that he started the work of stealing the laptops of medical students after an incident involving insult of his girlfriend 5 years ago.

What was the matter? The accused boy is named as Tamilselvan Kannan. According to the police, five years ago in Chennai, some medical students misbehaved with her girlfriend online. These students had silently recorded objectionable videos of the accused’s girlfriends and later made it viral. After this, Kannan became infuriated against the medical students and started targeting the country and stealing the laptops of students belonging to this field.

Jamnagar Police revealed that Kannan stole more than 500 laptops of students from medical college hostels across the country. He committed most of these thefts in South India. He used to search the names and addresses of medical colleges on the Internet before the robberies and then go there and steal the laptop, as it is quite difficult to trace the laptop unlike a mobile phone. Also, selling them was quite easy.

Police Inspector KL Gadhe said Kannan first targeted colleges in South India. He later resided in Bhankari village of Faridabad, from where he started stealing in medical colleges in North India as well. In Gujarat, he first stole medical college in Jamnagar. She stole six laptops from a girls hostel in December. However, the police gathered clues and caught him.

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