Ebene Magazine – Megan Rapinoe beats up Draymond Green for women’s sports takes: « You showed your whole ass »

Ebene Magazine - Megan Rapinoe beats up Draymond Green for women's sports takes: "You showed your whole ass"

Megan Rapinoe on Wednesday expanded her criticism of Draymond Green, stating that his recent comments on women’s sports and equal pay were « frustrating » and « not at all acceptable ».

Green tweeted in a number of Expressed various opinions on the gender pay gap in sport over the past week, essentially arguing that women need to build their own platforms, which in turn increases revenue, which in turn leads to better pay.

A few days later, he doubled those opinions and told reporters that he’s « really tired of seeing [women athletes] complain about lack of pay for doing themselves a disservice by just complaining. »

Rapinoe and others have it pointed out that it is not just women who build these platforms. that they have stood up for themselves for years; and that they need outside investment from everyone, especially men, who have largely ruled organized sport throughout its existence.

Rapinoe delved deeper into that argument on Wednesday. « You don’t think we asked for more [investment]? » She told reporters at a Team USA media event. « I mean, what are we screaming about non-stop? »

Rapinoe and other female athletes have long advocated more investment in women’s sports. She and her teammate Midge Purce only did this last month at the White House.

« When we talk about equality in women’s sports, we always talk about investments, funding, resources, marketing and branding first, » Rapinoe said on Wednesday. « And not just investing in the players, but also in the support staff and coaching, as well as in the media, TV media and print media.

 » Those are the things we will talk about first. And I think anyone who watches us, or follows us, or really has skin in the game for equal pay or equality in that sense, knows that we talk about it first. And at the very end, we understand that when all of these things are done, we will most likely be charging a much higher salary than we are. « 

Rapinoe and Green seem to agree that a major reason for the gender pay gap is the lack of corporate and media investment in women’s sports. However, Green seemed to argue that this lack of outside investment was the fault of women .

« What I’m telling these women is, stop allowing them, » Green said last week. « Call these people out. Call them out specifically. « 

Rapinoe replied Wednesday, pointing out that she and other companies and media outlets called. » Obviously, you’ve shown all your ass and you didn’t even understand what we’re all talking about all the time whether it’s WNBA players or we’re here in the national team, « she said of Green. » So that was frustrating. « 

Green tagged several WNBA players in his tweets. » They tagged the wrong people  » said Rapinoe, repeating her partner Sue Bird.

« And we know this about all social movements and all people marginalized by race or gender, religion, sexuality, whatever: it is not only their job to be the ones who fight against oppression, « Rapinoe continued. » We need all other people too. « 

 » To have someone who knows what it is like to be oppressed in many ways, to put it all back on the female side Piling up people or people who play female sports is just really disappointing, « Rapinoe said of Green. « He has all the resources in the world. There are obviously a lot of amazing people that I know personally who work in the Warriors organization. I’m sure they will be very happy to sit down with him. And each of us really would looking forward. » I hope this educational process will come. Because that was really disappointing. And from someone who, as we know, has such a large platform, that’s not at all acceptable. « 

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