Ebene Magazine – Miracle did not work: Russians failed the sprint in Oberhof ru

Ebene Magazine - Miracle did not work: Russians failed the sprint in Oberhof ru

This is how the women’s sprint race turned out at the World Cup in Oberhof. The Russian national team performed unsuccessfully again, and the heroines were Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff, Italian Dorothea Wierer and Austrian Lisa-Teresa Hauser. Thank you for being with us and see you again. The broadcast was hosted by Alexander Sedov.

Yekaterina Noskova finishes 48th with three penalties. And she showed a good move. She lost a little to Mironova, but was faster than the others.

Well, we also note, of course, Dorothea Wierer. The Italian winner of the Big Crystal Globe shot clean and was second only to the reactive and accurate Eckhoff. 9.3 from the Norwegian.

Of course, the Russian team has a difficult situation. Our women can be left without a mass start at all! Only Mironova and Kaisheva have chances to get into it, but points must be counted.

Noskova delivered her 26th acceleration, but made one mistake on prone and fell to the end of the top 50 – to 46th place.

German Vanessa Hinz could have avoided misses at all, but still missed the tenth shot. However, she did not apply for a medal.

Svetlana Mironova approached the stand with the eleventh time, but made two mistakes … The end of the chances for a good result.

This is what the finish line looks like at the moment. Kazakevich just finished 37th, almost three minutes behind, with five penalties.

Hannah Oberg at the finish line. The Swede is inferior to both French women, but displaces the middle race Martha Ulsby-Roiseland from third place.

Braiza finishes, almost losing all his advantage over Chevalier. As a result, -4.1 from everything! But for now, this is a new leader.

On the second frontier, the Frenchwoman Justine Braiza became the leader. She performed both shots without fail and was 16.4 ahead of her compatriot Chevalier.

Irina Kazakevich shot clean! But the Russian is only ninth with 19.1. This is because now the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff has worked without a miss and is the leader, ahead of Chevalier.

Kuklina has one mistake on the counter. For more than a minute he has been losing to the leader among the nine who fired. The Russian woman is still fourth.

Frenchwoman Yulia Simon also accelerated to the same legs with Alimbekova, but she buried her race on the prone – four misses.

Hermann also misses. She is the seventh, but is already 3 seconds ahead of Alimbekova, who has already rolled back to the eighth position.

As for the acceleration, the Belarusian biathlete Dinara Alimbekova is in the lead in the first cut-off, and the German Denise Hermann, 2 seconds behind her, is already 4.3 seconds ahead of her in the second.

Hammerschmidt and Austrian Schweiger have already passed the first line. Both are clean, but the second is faster by 16 seconds.

A total of 101 athletes must take part in the race. The following will run for the Russian national team: Larisa Kuklina (No. 9), Evgenia Pavlova (No. 33), Irina Kazakevich (No. 38), Ulyana Kaisheva (No. 67), Svetlana Mironova (No. 71), Ekaterina Noskova (No. 91).

The World Cup stage in Oberhof is coming to an end, and, of course, we would like our girls to bring another medal to the national team’s piggy bank after the gold in the mixed relay. The heroines of that race – Evgenia Pavlova and Svetlana Mironova – run today.

Hello dear biathlon fans! For your attention – a text online broadcast of the women’s sprint at the sixth stage of the World Cup in Oberhof. The race starts at 16.30 Moscow time.

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