Ebene Magazine – Missile attack, 3rd in 3 days, targets US in Iraq: Army


The Iraqi army said two missiles were fired at a base housing Americans on Tuesday, the third such attack in three days and when a US government delegation visited the country.

The Both missiles fell on an unoccupied segment of Ain-al-Assad air base, « without causing damage or loss, » the army said.

The most recent missile attack follows one against an air base at Baghdad Airport, where US led coalition forces are housed, and another against the Balad Air Force Base, which is hosting US contractors north of the capital on Monday evening.

None of the attacks have been alleged so far, but Washington routinely makes the Iran-affiliated Iraqi factions for such attacks responsible for its troops and diplomats.

Pro-Iranian Iraqi groups have vowed to A Strengthening attacks to oust the « occupying » US forces, sometimes against Tehran’s will, according to some experts.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi, who is viewed by pro-Iranian factions as too close to Washington, discussed the presence of 2,500 US soldiers stationed in Iraq with US envoy Brett McGurk on Tuesday.

The men know each other well – Kadhemi worked closely in his role as head of intelligence, a position he still holds today with McGurk when he was the representative of the US-led coalition.

The military coalition was formed to fight the Islamic State jihadist group, which took control of a third of Iraq in a lightning offensive in 2014.

Iraq declared victory over the jihadists in late 2017 and the pressure of Shiite public opinion on the US to withdraw all its troops has increased in recent years.

Kadhemi and McGurk are working on a timetable for the « withdrawal of the armed forces from Iraq, » according to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Since President Joe Biden took office in January, there have been around 30 rocket or bombing attacks on Americans Interests targeted in Iraq – including troops, the embassy or Iraqi supply convoys for foreign armed forces.

Two foreign contractors, one Iraqi contractor and eight Iraqi civilians were killed in the attacks.

Last month, one filled with explosives struck Drone entered Iraq’s Erbil airport when such a weapon was first used against a base used by US-led coalition forces in the country.

Dozens of other attacks were launched in Iraq from autumn 2019 under the government of Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump performed.

The operations are sometimes alleged by obscure groups that experts claim s he is fog screens for Iran-backed organizations that have long had a presence in Iraq.

The rocket attacks come at a delicate time as Tehran is in talks with the world powers to bring the US back into a 2015 nuclear deal.

The deal, which restricts Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief, has been life sustaining since Trump’s withdrawal in 2018.

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