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« I was born to my father. I have not run anywhere.

Published: 23rd February 2021 11:36 AM  |  

Last Updated: 23rd February 2021 11:36 AM

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Bangalore: I was born to my father .. I have not run anywhere … I am not talking about hiding in the past.

Darshan fans, who were spotted at the Thotapuri cinema yesterday, had besieged Jaggesh. Some media reported the same issue. Speaking on Live Today, actor Jaggesh said, ‘I am not born anywhere. Why am I an RSS activist? I am not at a loss if I keep the small stuff and do the pain and humiliation. Did I steal, robbery? Scared I sat down with those who came yesterday and spoke with them. Billions of rupees fraud, insult to the Kannada floor. « I do not sit in the house afraid of shame and shame.

Similarly, ‘I came to the theater and turned 40. When I entered the Kannada film industry, who was not born? I am one of those who came to the cinema in the 80s, and I have been working with Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Prabhakar. All I have come up to is from my mirror. I live for Kannada. I haven’t seen it in any other language so far. I have never worn anyone’s shoes in my life …. I would have been an MLA, a minister. I was taking hundreds of posts. There is not a side of people to believe all that you have said. Technology has grown a lot today … and there is social media to tell you the truth. Is this an honor you give to senior actors? Tongues come and oppress Karnataka. Someone else is coming and encouraging them to speak in their language. Who is listening?

Kannada self-esteem is dying after the loss of Rajkumar, Ambarish and Vishnuvardhan. The rest of us are just a few .. We make our tithing on the dead and rejoice. Jaggesh was outraged that he had given me so much pain.

Dear me, I am here for you!
Here’s my birthday, cinema, friendship, show, hunting, chat
Not from me!
Next my movie reserve my ztv show!
The reason is so exhausting, Nangaranga is the empire of men who are humiliated and grown up when the big ones live! pic.twitter.com/cRRzNgtL1b

Similarly, Jaggesh, who tweeted earlier, said, « Dear me, you are no longer my business birthday, cinema, friendship, show, visit, rumor. Next I only reserve my movies and TV shows that air on private channels. I am very tired of our barangay.

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