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New Code of Administrative Offenses and PIKoAP published – what has changed in the codes


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New Code of Administrative Offenses and PIKoAP published - what has changed in the codes


The new Codes will come into force in March, they, among other things, introduced liability for the use of prohibited symbols and increased the fine for violations related to mass events.

MINSK, 22 Jan – Sputnik. In Belarus, the punishment for violating the order of organizing or holding mass events is being tightened, fines are being introduced for the illegal use of flags, such changes are provided for in the new codes of administrative offenses and the procedural and executive code.

The codes were officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal on Friday and will come into force on March 1, 2021. Among the notable innovations is the liberalization of administrative responsibility, and the procedure for bringing legal entities and individuals to justice has been simplified.

« An individual is subject to administrative responsibility only for those administrative offenses in respect of which his guilt has been established, » the message says.

Separately, the Code of Administrative Offenses highlights the prevention of offenses among children and adolescents. A more loyal approach is envisaged in relation to minors. Measures such as warning, verbal warning and preventive measures for minors are introduced.

The new version of the Code of Administrative Offenses establishes a minimum fine for individuals – 0.1 base unit, for individual entrepreneurs – 2, for legal entities it will be 5. The base amount in the republic is 29 Belarusian rubles.

The responsibility for violations related to the holding of mass events, disobedience to the requirements of officials, public insults and illegal distribution of personal data is increasing.

For the use of prohibited symbols, in particular, the flag on the balcony, now, under the new code, it will be possible to receive a fine of up to 580 rubles for an individual and up to 1740 rubles for a legal entity.

For participants in a rally, picketing or march, as well as for public calls for these actions, the fine can be up to 100 basic units, possibly punishment in the form of community service or administrative arrest (previously, a warning or a fine of up to 30 basic units or administrative arrest).

For disobedience to an official in the performance of his official duties, the punishment can range from two to 100 basic units (previously – from two to 50).

There were more penalties for blocking vehicles or creating obstacles, an article appeared for using sound signals at a place of mass events. Under the new article of the code, for this you can receive a fine of up to 10 basic units, while deprivation of rights is also possible for a period of one year.

For such offenses as the distribution, production, storage and transportation of information products that contain calls for extremist activity, you can get from 20 to 200 basic units.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said last June that bans and restrictions should remain only where they are objectively needed: if there is a risk of harm to the life and health of citizens, emergencies. Thus, 110 previously effective norms were excluded from the Code of Administrative Offenses, and 230 sanctions were adjusted.

Currently, the victim is in the Republican burn center in serious condition.

Belarus is holding on to a plateau: the last three days, the daily incidence of COVID-19 has remained at the level of 1,800 people.

The eastern region of the republic over the past year showed a growth of 1% GRP, but other development indicators leave much to be desired.

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