Ebene Magazine – Operational warning announced in Mordovia on January 14 ru

Ebene Magazine - Operational warning announced in Mordovia on January 14 ru

In Mordovia, on January 14, unfavorable weather conditions are expected. Meteorologists predict a strong blizzard and gusts of southeast winds of 12-17 m / s. Difficult conditions are expected on the roads: snow and drifts.

The forum starts on January 14 in Moscow. Due to epidemiological restrictions, it will be held in a unified format: experts and speakers will take part in panel discussions at the RANEPA central campus, and participants will watch the progress of the discussions online.

From 20.00 on January 14 to 06.00 on January 15, the specialists of JSC « SaranskTeploTrans » will carry out preventive repair work on the heating network along the avenue of the Russian Army opposite house No. 10. At the time of preventive work, the coolant will enter the houses with reduced parameters.

Over the past day, 24,763 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Russia. There are 3,426 new patients with no symptoms, 13.8 percent.

Residents of Saransk on January 13 were able to get rid of unnecessary things. To do this, the townspeople did not have to light bonfires in their backyards. A safer way was suggested by the Mordovia Arena stadium and the ECA movement. They held an action called « ECO Old New Year ».

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Many residents of Mordovia already use the MobiCash service and significantly save when paying regular bills: housing and communal services, fines, taxes, etc.

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