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PPC 2021: The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, is taking time out for exam warriors today and is giving tips to avoid stress in the exam. In the fear of Corona, PM Modi’s school started before the exam, during this time PM Modi is talking to the students who take the board examination and answering their questions. See here what special mantra PM Modi is telling the students…

During this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said- I want to tell one thing to the countrymen, parents and teachers that, this is a discussion on examination, but it is not just about examination. A lot of things can happen, a new confidence has to be created. This is ‘discussion on examination’, but it is not just about examination. A lot of things can happen, a new confidence has to be created. Just as we talk in our house, talk among our loved ones, talk with friends, let us also talk like this.

In the virtual edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’, PM Modi said- Earlier parents used to be connected with children on many subjects and were also comfortable. Now-a-days parents are involved with children till their careers, studies and celebrations. If parents are more involved, then they understand the interest, nature, instincts of the children and fill the shortcomings of the children. We have one word for exam – test. It means to tighten yourself, it is not that the exam is the last chance. Rather, the exam is a perfect opportunity to tighten yourself up to live a long life in a way.

Regarding the board exam, PM Modi also told these tips to the students that, « The problem is when we consider the exam itself as the end of life’s dreams, we make a question of life and death. Exams are an opportunity to break life, there is an opportunity to take it as it is. Examination is an opportunity to build life, it should be taken as it is. We should keep on looking for opportunities to test ourselves, so that we can do better. We should not run.  »

If you have two hours to study, then read every subject in the same manner. If it is a matter of education then take the hard thing first, if your mind is fresh, then try to take the hard thing first. If you solve the difficult, then the simple will become even easier.

When I was the Chief Minister, after that I became the Prime Minister, I also read a lot of reading. One has to learn a lot. Things have to be understood. So what I used to do is that, whatever difficult things happen, I start in the morning and I like to start with difficult things.

Even if you find some topics difficult, this is not a drawback in your life. You just keep in mind that do not shy away from studying difficult subjects.

People who are very successful in life, they are not proficient in every subject, but they have a tremendous grip on any subject, on any one subject.

It also needs to be kept in mind that what should be avoided in free time, otherwise those things will be consumed all the time. In the end you will be fed up rather than being refreshed. Will start feeling tired.

Free time, do not consider it empty, it is treasure, treasure. Free time is a privilege, free time is an opportunity. There should be moments of free time in your routine.

When you earn free time, you get to know its highest value. Therefore, your life should be such that, when you earn free time, it will give you immense pleasure.

Give your thoughts, emotions, a creative way to express. The scope of knowledge is often limited to what is available to you, which is around you.

In our spare time, we need to increase our curiosity, curiosity and what other things we can do that will probably be very productive.

Children are very smart. It is difficult to say what you will or will not do, but there is every possibility that what you are doing, he looks at it very closely and is eager to repeat it.

When we have created our spirit world, when it does not meet the test of behavior, then the conflict starts in the minds of children.

Children have to run after them because they are faster than us. The responsibility of telling, teaching, giving rites to children is with the family but as we grow older, we should also evaluate. Your child should not be ‘published’, your child must be self-published. The light that you want to see inside children, that light should be illuminated from inside them.

The first part to motivate anyone is training. Proper training Once the mind of the child is trained, then the time of motivation will begin.

One aspect in the choice of career is that many people are looking for easy route in life. Very soon, you get the same, become financially bigger states. This desire becomes the reason for the beginning of darkness sometimes in life.

Thousand two thousand people come in front of us through the medium of propaganda, the world is not so small. Such a big world order, so long human history, so fast changes, so many opportunities come.

It is necessary that in class X, even in class X, you should learn to observe life around you. There are so many professions around you, there are nature of jobs.

Dreaming is a good thing, but it is not right to sit around dreaming and keep sleeping for dreams. It is very important to go beyond dreams, resolve to achieve your dreams.

The things with which you have become fully connected, have become engrossed, those things which have become a part of you, have become part of your thought flow. You never forget them.

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