Ebene Magazine – President Biden slips while boarding Air Force One


US President Joe Biden fell while boarding Air Force One on Friday. The president stumbled up the stairs to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland as he prepared to travel to Atlanta, Georgia.

Mice can produce up to 500 offspring per season and intensive bait programs have met with little success « You Can’t Escape the Smell »: Mouse plague is growing to biblical proportions across Eastern Australia. Locals who have brought mice and rats into their homes, shops and cars for months pray that heavy rain will wipe them out. Warning: Graphic images may disturb some readers.

Ambush in Mexico: 13 state police officers killed in an attack on a convoy. Attacks on the police have become routine as the country fights drug cartels and organized crime

The residents of Dar es Salaam are « proud » that Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn in as the first woman president of Tanzania after John Magufuli’s sudden death .

Boris Johnson said his roadmap to easing restrictions depends on coronavirus cases continuing to fall.

A year after the virus emerged, I am finding the way, like me Having enjoyed sex is no longer possible.

One person alone is said to have tried 300 times to get through to their local practice on Teesside

It’s a show that is known for having viewers guessing with red Pegs and unexpected twists in every episode. However, the Line of Duty composer has for the first time revealed that even the credits contain a hidden message for the keenest of viewers. Canadian-British pianist Carly Paradis, who scored the show, said the four-note motif in her closing composition was based on the title. “It’s kind of bizarre and maybe it’s because I have an indie-pop side, but the title track with the credits has a four-note theme and I actually thought of the line of duty of the lyrics as I wrote it . « She told BBC Radio 3. » It was fun to see some people take notice of it on Twitter and say that it sounds like « roster » – and it is. It may sound silly, but it’s exactly how I write. « Sometimes I write lyrics and then remove them and use their melody as part of the arrangement. » Ms. Paradis has worked on the hit BBC One series, which is returning on Sunday night for a sixth series since it first aired in 2012. She described her approach to composition as « heart on hand » and said that she consciously tries to add a melancholy element to her soundtracks. « It’s really just about going deep into the script, experimenting and sketching and trying to connect emotionally and get into the characters’ minds, » she said. Pieces composed by Mrs. Paradis have also been featured in the US psychological thriller Homeland and the recent ITV drama The Pembrokeshire Murders. « It’s really important for me to connect with people through my music, » she said. « When my music can move someone emotionally or physically, it is one of the best experiences in life for me. » Ms. Paradis is not the only composer who has included hidden messages in her classical works. Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich often used the same four notes to spell the first initial of his name and the first three letters of his last name, while Edward Elgar included 14 variations of an original melody that never came out in full.

It’s not that first time the president orally promotes the vice-president

Last week, after another busy day volunteering at the local vaccination center, I was unexpectedly offered a second covid shot. It got frugal after some people failed to show up for their appointment. Of course I took the chance. But part of me was also concerned. I was fortunate enough to get the first dose in January as volunteers are considered the front line health workers. After that, I had muscle pain, a restless night of chills and headaches. It felt a bit like a mild flu, but one that had passed completely within 48 hours. These side effects are common whether you have the AstraZeneca vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine. In studies, around 80 percent of people had arm tenderness or pain, around half had a headache, fatigue, or both, and more than one in three reported body aches, pains, fever, and chills. The vast majority had mild or moderate symptoms and resolved within a few days. There is also evidence that people like me who were previously infected with Covid are suffering more. Tim Spector, an epidemiology professor at Kings College London, developed the ZOE app to track the UK pandemic. He said the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines may « double » the likelihood of side effects for people who have had the virus. So after my second shot, I took extra acetaminophen, canceled the long walk I had planned for the next day, eyed my hot water bottle, and waited for the same thing to happen again. And yet … nothing. Aside from a little tenderness in my upper left arm where the needle went, I felt completely normal. I slept well and woke up feeling fantastic. I was thrilled, but also surprised.

The rapper and the child’s mother, Karima McAdams, have reportedly been dating since the summer of 2019.

Test your knowledge of the biggest news in the past seven days with the Yahoo! News Quiz of the Week.

One of the difficulties with reporting on trans communities in the UK is finding the right balance between how hard and tiring it is to be trans here and how powerful and joyful it is To be trans.

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