Ebene Magazine – Rod Stewart surprises his son with a fun £ 20 birthday tribute to Rud Stewart


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Only Rod Stewart would give his son a £ 20 personalized video … of a tribute based on himself.

Sir Rod Stewart’s son Liam celebrated his 26th birthday last year and the famous rock and pop singer knew exactly what he should get.

The perfect gift for the ice hockey player, he and his wife Penny Lancaster decided , was a personalized video message from the tribute act « Rud Stewart ».

Michael Dean, the Yorkshireman behind the act, donned sunglasses, a pink blazer and a Stewart-inspired leopard print shirt to complete the look, and wished Liam a happy birthday.

He followed up the birthday wishes with a rendition of Rod’s « Have I been telling you lately that I love you » and « Since you think I’m sexy? »

Dean jokes on camera, « Remember, no matter how old you feel, you will never be as old, damned or washed up as me, Rod.

The surprise video got multimillionaire Stewart to around £ 20 back to what Dean’s standard fee for the virtual messages is.

Dean paid tribute to Der Spiegel: « It’s not every day that the wife of a living legend requests a message and a song for the rock legend’s son’s birthday.

« And the news is from the living legend Sir Rod Stewart … great and I am so pleased you asked me. What a brilliant endorsement. »

His first child was Sarah Streeter, born in 1963 to a daughter his art student Susannah Boffey. Sarah was later adopted by other parents.

Rod later had a child with model Kelly Emberg – Ruby Stewart – who was born in 1987.

He had two children with second wife Rachel – Renée and Liam and two children with his current wife Penny – Alastair and Aiden.

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