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For years now, I’ve been wondering why Life is Strange hasn’t made its way to Switch. The game seems like a perfect fit for the platform. Visual novels are all over the Switch, and while Life is Strange isn’t a traditional visual novel, it certainly shares a few similar elements. Thankfully, it seems the game might soon be making its way over.

An industry insider over on ResetEra has shared a bunch of information on upcoming Life is Strange titles, and according to them, the original game is making its way to Switch. This insider has shared details with the staff at ResetEra that weren’t made public, but staff felt the materials they saw were enough to verify the insider’s claims. That said, the insider has since requested that the info be removed from the forum.

Now all we can do is sit back and wait for an official announcement. A Life is Strange port really does seem like a no-brainer, so hopefully this turns out to be true.

Yes please. It’s always been a series on other platforms that I’ve been curious about. I’m totally up for being on an emotional rollercoaster

This game is amazing, I’d love to see it on Switch so more people can experience it.

Played it on ps3, great game. I never played life is strange 2, I was hoping for a switch port, I don’t understand why square didn’t already port the games.

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