Ebene Magazine – Second wave of coronavirus vaccination kicks off in Kuban ru

Ebene Magazine - Second wave of coronavirus vaccination kicks off in Kuban ru

Vaccination is carried out in two stages with an interval of 21 days. Today, January 13, the second injection was given to workers of the Krasnodar emergency hospital.

More than 200 thousand doses of Sputnik V are to be delivered to the region by February. Mass immunization in the region began in December. First of all, the injection was given to people from the so-called risk group – these are doctors, social workers and teachers. Vaccinations are voluntary and free of charge. Vaccination is carried out in two stages with an interval of 21 days. Today the second injection was given to workers of the Krasnodar emergency hospital.

For the second time, the procedure is still exciting. Ambulance doctors are those specialists who are the first to encounter a disaster; they do not call for a good reason. Due to the pandemic, the workload on the service has increased several times. To withstand the pressure, you need nerves of steel, fighting spirit and, of course, strong immunity. And what many wished for each other on New Year’s was to get antibodies to coronavirus. The easiest way to earn them is by grafting. Therefore, the doctors did not hesitate to decide on an injection.

“I knew in advance that if the amount of antibodies to coronavirus was low, I did not have an illness, I would be vaccinated for sure. We need to learn more about this and trust the health workers. Because it is better to defend yourself than to get sick, not knowing how it will all turn out, ”says Angelica Gazaryan, pediatrician of ultrasound diagnostics of the emergency hospital in Krasnodar.

Before the procedure, the doctors underwent a mandatory examination, they measured their previous temperature, oxygen saturation. Doctors filled out the documents and only after that they are ready for the procedure.

In general, an injection can only be given to Kubans over 18 years old. Contraindication – ARVI symptoms. If you had a cold less than two weeks ago, then you should refrain from Sputnik for now. Exacerbation of chronic diseases can also affect the patient.

“Today we had revaccination, this was the second stage of vaccination, five people passed. Primary vaccination was 21 days ago, our institution has been vaccinating for a long time, in total we have vaccinated 185 people, together with today, ”explains Zara Gamrinskaya, acting chief physician of polyclinic 7 in Krasnodar.

No one can say for sure how long the virus will walk around the planet and when we will form herd immunity. Yes, and COVID-19 will not go anywhere, it is impossible to completely defeat it, but to take the situation under control is completely. Vaccination should be the very barrier that turns the deadly virus into a seasonal cold.

“For me, the question of the need for vaccination was not at all. Always just for, and I get vaccinated against the flu every year. She tolerated this vaccination well, there were no side effects. The only thing – there was a slight body ache, muscle weakness, which went away on its own, I didn’t even have to take any medications in order to cope with the situation, ”says Oksana Shmeleva, head of the epidemiological department of KKB # 2.

Everyone who received the second dose today was given a certificate of vaccination. By the way, since the beginning of January, vaccinated citizens can draw up an electronic document in their personal account on the State Services portal.

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