Ebene Magazine – Sergey Konovalov: « Kuklina herself expressed a desire to perform at the European Championship » ru

Ebene Magazine - Sergey Konovalov: "Kuklina herself expressed a desire to perform at the European Championship" ru

After the second stage of the IBU Cup in Arber, Germany, the Russian national team went to Poland, where the team will play at the European Championship.

The senior coach of the women’s reserve team Sergey Konovalov summed up the results of the stage and shared his expectations from the upcoming tournament in an interview with the SBR press service.

Recall that representatives of the women’s team at the second stage in Arber won two medals: Valeria Vasnetsova won the sprint, she, together with Anastasia Goreeva, Karim Khalili and Daniil Serokhvostov, won the mixed relay.

At the European Championship, the Russian women’s team will be represented by: Larisa Kuklina, Anastasia Shevchenko, Anastasia Goreeva, Polina Shevnina, Natalia Gerbulova, Ekaterina Noskova and Valeria Vasnetsova.

– Anastasia Goreeva and Valeria Vasnetsova were selected to the mixed relay on a sports basis. They were the best in the sprint team. The weather conditions during the race were difficult, but everything handled fine. There were some shortcomings, but these are technical points that I would not even focus on. It comes with experience. The same Vasnetsova, even with her difficult shooting (approx. – five misses and one penalty loop) perfectly coped with her stage and finished first.

What stopped her? Part of the wind, but the main reason is the pressure that always covers the finisher. Vasnetsova, as I have already said, before the « Smeshaka » perfectly worked the sprint, was able to dock both her excellent functional readiness and shooting. She understood that in the relay they expected about the same from her, and did not fully cope with the pressure. But there are no complaints about the athlete and cannot be – the team comes first. Before my eyes is a fresh example of how Alexander Loginov won the individual race, and in the relay he faced problems at the turn.

What impressed me in the mixed relay was the shooting of the young Frenchwoman Bene in the last run (approx. 21.6 seconds, the best result in this race). The entire coaching exchange just gasped – it was accurate and very fast.

We put Olga Moschenkova on the single mixed after a meeting with the coaching staff of the men’s team. It looked good on the move and fired quite steadily, but during the single mix there were always strong gusts of wind. We can say that she was a little unlucky, but I also can’t help but admit that Olga’s shooting in such a wind is a problematic place. And not only she, girls have a certain reserve in this regard.

– Before the sprint, I talked with Lera, who in the current roster shows herself as a real leader. I asked her what exactly was not working, why it was not possible to combine high speed of movement along a distance with accurate shooting. We talked, discussed certain points, and she won the sprint very confidently, hitting all the targets.

– I want to reassure all the fans who lost Anastasia Shevchenko in the relay races – everything is in perfect order with her health. But let’s not forget that Shevchenko is a junior, and her not quite stable performance at the second stage of the IBU Cup can be largely explained by this. This was due to the lack of experience in performing at competitions of this level. That is why it was decided to give her a rest and not apply for the relay race. The athlete needs to prepare for the European Championship – she made her way to the team unconditionally.

– The coaches of the main team decided to strengthen the composition of the national team at the European Championship Larisa Kuklina. Larisa herself expressed a desire to participate in this tournament. Of course, the presence of such an athlete in the squad will help the young, she can suggest something, explain.

We start at the European Championship with an individual race. Since there are seven athletes in the team, and six can run, one of our juniors will miss the longest race. It is too early to say who it will be. As for the rest of the races, we will look at the state and health after the prostitute.

Any coach is a maximalist and strives for the team to show the maximum result. This is what we are working for. I am no exception. We will strive to show the best result in Duszniki-Zdroj. I am sure that our team will have medals. But I will not say anything else on this topic.

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