Ebene Magazine – « Sevilla » – « Valencia »: Alexander Vishnevsky’s forecast for the Spanish Cup match ru

Ebene Magazine - "Sevilla" - "Valencia": Alexander Vishnevsky's forecast for the Spanish Cup match ru

Sports journalist Alexander Vishnevsky gave a prediction for the match of 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup of the season 2020/2021 « Sevilla » – « Valencia. » , Atlético Madrid, and Sevilla understand that they are the strongest team left behind Barcelona. And maybe even ahead of Barcelona – in the Spanish championship the teams are approximately on a par. Valencia, which is in the bottom third of the standings, understands that many strong teams have already taken off and you can think of a trophy and somehow save a bad season. There is a lot at stake, I think that Sevilla and Valencia will try very hard to please us, but I think that Valencia will not succeed, for all my love for the Valencia team. Sevilla has a very important advantage. First, Sevilla had a day more to prepare. Secondly, Sevilla had an easy match with Cadiz, which did not make Lopetegui’s team much to prove themselves. But Valencia had a very difficult match at Wanda Metropolitano, where they lost 1: 3, although they won during the meeting. The Valencians left a lot of strength, and after that on the third day it will be difficult for Valencia to show their best game, especially since Diacaby was injured and the center of defense was weakened. It seems to me that great freshness, along with great class and home pitch factor, will help Sevilla advance to the next stage. My main bet is the passage of Sevilla. The 1.32 coefficient is probably not what you dreamed of seeing in my forecast, so I will recommend something more complicated. Maybe a clear win for Sevilla? I’m not sure, because the problem with betting on cup matches is that you don’t have to win in regular time. If there is a draw in the championship in some match, and the team needs three points, it will try to snatch the victory. You don’t have to do this in the Cup, because you have extra time. If you are stronger than your opponent, as was the case in the last cup match of Barcelona, ​​where she did not really strive to put the squeeze on her modest opponent in regulation time, realizing that she would easily win in extra time, which she did. Here, too, there may be such a situation that Sevilla will win in extra time. This is quite possible, that’s why I liked the bet here that there will be a draw or a victory of Sevilla with a difference of one goal. This is a coefficient of 1.88. This bet is risky, but it seems to me that the probability of passing this bet is higher than 50%. Of course, anything can happen in football, but it seems to me that the most likely outcome here is Sevilla’s victory in one goal or a draw in regulation time, followed by Sevilla’s passing, ”Vishnevsky said.

Pyotr Kondakov

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