Ebene Magazine – Siberia – Kunlun: Maxim Lebedev’s forecast for the KHL match ru

Ebene Magazine - Siberia - Kunlun: Maxim Lebedev's forecast for the KHL match ru

Hockey observer Maxim Lebedev made a prediction for the 2020/2021 KHL regular season match Siberia – Kunlun especially for the Bookmakers Rating. Stake: Siberia won in 1.55. And buried herself even deeper in the issue of reaching the playoffs. True, there is no doubt that the Novosibirsk people will cling to the end, and even if there is no chance at all, the general director of the club, Kirill Fastovsky, has a lot of experience in making them play when no one needs it. Therefore, there will be a battle with « Kunlun », and in this battle the Siberians are the favorites. And there is one interesting but. An analysis of the remaining games in the regular season with Siberia and its main competitor from Nizhny Novgorod shows that the schedule for Siberians is much easier. That is, there are practically no impassable and killer « oligarchs » who by the end of the « regular season » will roll everything that moves into the asphalt. But « Torpedo » has such rivals – all the time. That is, for Siberia, all is not lost. And you can’t lose points with “Kunlun”. It is this fact that not only makes the hosts consider the favorites of the upcoming match, but also largely determines the final result. The Chinese comrades, of course, have also risen a little today, but not much. That is, they no longer lie facedown on the ice, but try to rise on their elbows. In principle, in such a situation, they can create problems for not the strongest clubs in the KHL and Siberia will most likely create. But let’s hope that the residents of Novosibirsk will heroically overcome them and what they themselves create for themselves out of the blue. And in the end they will score two points, and even in regulation time, albeit with a minimal advantage in the score, « Lebedev said.

Pyotr Kondakov

Ref: https://www.championat.com


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