Ebene Magazine – Signs and beliefs of the day on January 25, 2021 for the weather and the future ru

Ebene Magazine - Signs and beliefs of the day on January 25, 2021 for the weather and the future ru

On January 25, 2021, many people can pay attention to signs and beliefs that can point them to changes in the future. Also, due to them, the Slavic people have long predicted what will happen with weather conditions. It is known that on this calendar date Tatyana’s day is celebrated, with which some student beliefs are also associated.

According to Christian traditions, every year on January 25, representatives of the Orthodox people should celebrate a celebration dedicated to the memory of the holy Martyr Tatiana. On this calendar date, people have long remembered the girl’s life story, and also followed a number of traditions. One of them, and, according to many historians, the most important, is the baking of traditional bread – loaf. It is with him that the signs for the day of January 25 are associated.

It is noted that the fair sex on the day of January 25 should follow the traditions of their ancestors and bake a loaf at home. Then it is customary to eat it along with the rest of the family. In the process of baking and making a loaf, you also need to pay attention to some signs. Among them stand out:

According to legends, newlyweds, who were sealed by marriage on January 25, also need to bake a loaf. This is a symbol of a successful family life.

It is noted that among the representatives of the Slavic people, for a long time on the day of January 25, they paid special attention to weather signs. This was due to the fact that the life of Christians depended directly on natural conditions: without a rich harvest, there was a lower chance of calmly surviving the winter, because of the long winter, sowing of seeds did not begin, and this also affected many other things. It is because of this weather signs that there were quite a few.

In modern times, people pay attention only to a few weather signs that existed before. This is due to the fact that some of them have ceased to be relevant. So, signs can point people to certain changes:

For a long time, people also paid attention to the stars. So, if they are clearly visible in the sky on the day of January 25, then spring will come earlier than usual.

It is noted that on January 25, 2021, the celebration is held not only among Christian believers. This celebration is also associated with the founding of Moscow University in 1755. Since then, all students of the Russian Federation began to celebrate Tatiana’s Day. During it, students observed many traditions, and also paid attention to some beliefs. Even in the present, they can predict to students what awaits them in the future.

According to beliefs, it is strictly forbidden to prepare for the exam, which falls on the day of January 26, the day before. This is considered bad luck. On the contrary, on Tatyana’s day you need to have as much fun as possible. According to popular beliefs, a student who comes to the exam after drinking alcoholic beverages will be able to report to the teacher on the mark « excellent ». Professors should not be surprised at this state of their students.

Another student belief says that on January 25, 2021, all students must draw houses with a chimney in their student books. Smoke should also come out of it, the length of which determines how successful and successful the rest of the school year will be. According to another belief, on the day of January 25, students should invoke the so-called Shara. If she responds to the call, it means that the study will be easy.

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