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Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account has been suspended recently. After Kangana’s Twitter account was suspended, fashion designers Anand Bhushan and Rimzim Dadu banned the actress from her brands. Both designers posted about the actress on social media. Now Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel has given her reaction on the posts of both the designers.

Rangoli wrote on Instagram Story, ‘Yeh jo person hai Anand Bhushan wants mileage using Kangana’s name. We do not even know this. Many handles are tagging Kangana’s name. Kangana charges crores for every brand endorsement and editorial shoots are not brand endorsements. We do not choose their clothes, magazine editors choose clothes for their own look. ‘

Rangoli further wrote, ‘These small designers are using the name of India’s top actress to promote themselves. I will do a case on it. It has to be proved in the court that when we had endorsement with it, now they are telling themselves different from it. See you in court and Anand Bhushan.

Rangoli, sharing a screenshot of Anand’s tweet, wrote, ‘Are you serious, Anand Bhushan? I will take you to the court which you were using Kangana’s photo illegally. ‘Rangoli further wrote,’ No one knows you Anand Bhushan, please sit down and don’t try to be famous. ‘

Anand has shared his statement on Twitter, in which it is written, after watching some of today’s events, we have decided that we are removing all the photos of our collaboration with Kangana from social media accounts. Apart from this, we have also decided that we will not keep any contract with them even further. We do not support hate speech as a brand.

Fashion designer Rimjim shared a photo with Kangana on Instagram Story and wrote, there is never any delay to do something right. We are removing all the posts of our old association with Kangana and will not work with them further.

Recently, Mamta Banerjee’s government has been formed once again in West Bengal. After which Kangana was making many tweets against TMC. Kangana was openly targeting TMC, supporting the BJP. Kangna tweeted this morning accusing TMC of gangrape, only after which her account has been suspended. Kangana’s account has been suspended forever.

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