Ebene Magazine – Snowfall paralyzed traffic in the capital of the Vladimir region ru

Ebene Magazine - Snowfall paralyzed traffic in the capital of the Vladimir region ru

In the early morning, social networks in Vladimir simply “boiled” with indignation. The road services of the city of Vladimir are not visible, but there are many small collisions due to uncleared roads.

“7.40 am, people go to work … In the area of ​​the VHZ, there are two accidents on one section of the road, as a result – a traffic jam. Road services are nowhere to be seen, « write the residents of Vladimir in the Overheard in Vladimir group.

Traffic jams and accidents on Nizhnyaya Dubrov, in Dobry … Also among the morning accidents – collisions on the federal highway. Beijing, where, frankly, the roadway is wider than in the city, has also turned into one big « traffic jam ».

“Well, where are these wonderful road cleaning people that drove dirt and dust along the roadside? It is not necessary to remove snow from the road ?! ”, – leave their comments in the group“ Overheard motorists ”.

According to the people of Vladimir, only closer to half past nine in the morning the city « went ». When will road services start working? Probably, when everyone disperses and takes, finally, jobs. Then the road workers will clear the city of snow. In the meantime, they preferred not to interfere, without worsening the transport collapse.

As for public transport, the residents of Yuryevets write that at 6 in the morning the 15th bus did not take the usual route. Delays in 20-degree frosts of public transport are not the first day. And the point here is no longer in road technology … There is no order on the roads and on the routes. And still only the middle of a long and snowy winter.

And here is the official comment of the mayor’s office: “Due to the continued snowfall, traffic jams began to form in the city. Their main reasons were the narrowing of the road due to skidding along its edges, a significant number of minor accidents and the slowdown of heavy vehicles, especially on inclines. ” Nobody confused the cause and effect?

And here is the comment of Nikolai Dyatlov, deputy director of the Central Department of the Central Administration of General Purposes: “In the near future, patrol snow-clearing of the city’s roads will begin with columns of complex road vehicles (KDM), incl. – in remote micro-districts and annexed territories. After the end of the snowfall, the collected snow will be transported to a specially equipped landfill (snow dump). Snow removal would be much better and faster if it were not for the interference with the work of snow removal equipment, created by parked cars along the roadsides and in the courtyards of apartment buildings. « 

Ref: https://vedom.ru



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