Ebene Magazine – So Pataudi Palace was rented for ‘Tandav’, Saif had to tell the real reason, see Inside Photo mr

Ebene Magazine - So Pataudi Palace was rented for 'Tandav', Saif had to tell the real reason, see Inside Photo mr

By ऑनलाइन लोकमत | Follow | Published: January 14, 2021 03:46 PM2021-01-14T15:46:41 5:30 | Updated: January 14, 2021 03:47 PM2021-01-14T15:47:34 5:30

Pataudi Palace is back in the spotlight due to the ‘Tandav’ series. The palace is so luxurious and magnificent that it catches the eye of the beholder. So in the trailer of the web series ‘Thandav’, all eyes are on Saif’s house.

Many big banner movies have been shot in Pataudi Palace in the past. But now that the shooting has taken place in this palace once again, different things are being argued.

In an interview on this, Saif has also stated the reason behind this. The location needed for ‘Tandav’ needed a grand story. Pataudi Palace is basically very luxurious. So the shooting was allowed in the Palace. Secondly, the palace is closed for 340 days. For the first time, shooting was allowed inside the palace for the orgy. The ERV is only allowed to shoot outside the palace.

This luxurious palace with the symbol of Nawab Pataudi family was built 84 years ago. This luxurious palace was built in 1935 by Iftikhar Ali Hussain, the father of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi i.e. Tiger Pataudi and the grandfather of the younger Nawab Saif Ali Khan. Iftikhar Ali Hussain was the eighth Nawab of the Pataudi dynasty and former captain of the Indian cricket team.

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the ninth Nawab of the Nawab family after Iftikhar Ali Hussain, designed the Pataudi Palace with the help of a foreign architect. The magnificent palace was designed by Australian architect Carl Molot Heinz. Tiger Pataudi is succeeded by younger Nawab actor Saif Ali Khan and his wife Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan. Pataudi Palace is also known as Ibrahim Kothi.

In the meantime, there were rumors that Pataudi Palace would be sold for Rs 800 crore. However, Saif had clarified that ‘Pataudi Palace can never be sold. It is impossible to value it in money. After the death of Saif’s father, some hoteliers took over the responsibility of running a palace-like hotel. Saif had to pay a hefty amount to get the same palace back.

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