Ebene Magazine – SOP issued for people coming to Haridwar, Corona report ban on Makar Sankranti bath, it will be guidelines hi

Ebene Magazine - SOP issued for people coming to Haridwar, Corona report ban on Makar Sankranti bath, it will be guidelines hi

Police-administration has completed preparations for bathing of Makar Sankranti in the city. There will be thermal screening on the border on this day. No one will be forcibly stopped. It is the expectation of the administration from the passengers that they bring the corona investigation report with them. On the other hand, the Health Department has also made random checks on the border. A random corona investigation will be performed if a suspect is found in thermal screening.

On Thursday, the first festival of Kumbh will be a bath. So the district administration has issued SOP for the people coming to Haridwar. Only an appeal has been made to the devotees to bring the report of RT-PCR test conducted within five days. However, those who did not bring the report will also be allowed to enter Haridwar. However, thermal screening at the border will be necessary. On behalf of the health department, the duty of health workers has been imposed on many borders including Narsan, Bhagwanpur, Kali River, Chidipur and Saptarishi.

No hotel room without screening
DM C. Ravi Shankar has appealed to the people to maintain social distancing at the market and the Ganga Ghats. Also, the administration has ordered hotel, Dharamshala, lodge operators not to give room to anyone without screening. On the other hand, SSP Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj S. Has deployed additional forces on the borders of Haridwar. He informed that the orders of the administration will be followed.

Vehicles coming from Delhi to Haridwar will arrive from Luxor
Haridwar. A traffic plan has been released by the fair police regarding the Makar Sankranti bath to be held on Thursday. Vehicles coming from Delhi will be diverted from Mangalore and brought to Haridwar Kankhal via Landaura, Luxor. Vehicles coming from Saharanpur will be diverted from Bhagwanpur, Jhabrera, Puhana, Mangalore and will be sent from Luxor to Jagitpur. These vehicles will be parked in the parking built at Bairagi Camp. Roadways buses will be allowed to come straight to Rishikul if the pressure on the highway decreases.

This plan will be implemented from Wednesday afternoon and the plan will remain in force till the end of the bath. Entry of heavy vehicles will be banned from Wednesday. This restriction will not be applicable on truck-tankers of essential services like milk, oil, gas etc. IG Fair Sanjay Gunjyal informed that vehicles coming from Delhi, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur will be diverted from Mangalore bus base and parked in Laxoura Luxor to Jagjitpur sloping bridge diversion through Bakshagi parking via Dakshadweep.

These vehicles will be returned from Sriyantra island bridge from Badhi Mata Tirahe to Singhdwar Chowk to Roorkee highway. Efforts will be made to prevent vehicles from entering the city, while light vehicles will be parked on the Batapatu ground via the Bairagi Camp. After the filling of this parking lot, the vehicles coming from this route will be parked in Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay parking. Vehicles coming from Najibabad (except roadways buses of various states) that have to stop at Haridwar will be parked at the parking lot at Niladhara.

After this parking is filled, these vehicles will be parked at the Gauri Shankar parking lot. The buses of GMOU and TGMOU will operate from the bus stand made for them in Niladhara. Whereas various state transport buses will cross the Chandighat bridge and cross the Rishikul new bridge via Delhi bypass and park on the roadways and interstate bus stand. The return of these vehicles will take a left turn from Rishikul Naya bridge through this route. All small vehicles coming from this route will be parked at the Bat Island parking lot. Small four wheelers coming from Dehradun, Rishikesh will be parked in Motichur, Pavan Dham parking and bats island. They will not be allowed to come forward from Bhupatwala. While various state transport buses will be parked in the roadways bus stand.

This arrangement will be done when more crowds increase
In case of overcrowding, vehicles coming from Saharanpur pass through Roorkee, Dhanori, Pathri Roh bridge via Salempur (Pathri Power House) to Sircul intersection, near the Hindustan Lever intersection near Chinmay Degree College, Shivalik Nagar Chowk via Central Road Will be parked at Dheerwali parking lot. In case of high pressure of vehicles in Haridwar, the vehicles going from Delhi to Dehradun will be sent from Roorkee to Bhagwanpur, Chhutmalpur to Doon.

Vehicles going from Rishikesh to Delhi will be diverted from Nilaibabad Road via Chila Marg to Mandavali, Mandawar, Muzaffarnagar via Delhi. Similarly, vehicles going from Dehradun towards Moradabad will be diverted from Nepali tiraha and sent to Najibabad via Shyampur Birbhadra Barrage Chila Marg. Vehicles coming from Moradabad to Dehradun will be diverted from Chandighat bridge and sent from Birbhadra to Shyampur, Nepali Tiraha via Chila Marg.

Paramilitary force deployed on every foot
Before the Makar Sankranti bath, the fair police and paramilitary force took over the security of Harki Paidi. Since Tuesday, the paramilitary force has been deployed at Harki Paidi. 5 companies of Paramilitary Force had already reached Haridwar for the first bath. After directing the paramilitary force on Monday evening, the security command has been handed over to the paramilitary force on Tuesday evening. Right now a company has been installed on every penny. On Tuesday evening, before the Ganga Aarti, paramilitary personnel appeared on Harki Paadi. Paramilitary personnel will be stationed at the Watch Tower. After the briefing on Wednesday, the fair police officers and policemen will take over their duties.

System of random checks at ten places
Haridwar. The Health Department of Haridwar has arranged random testing of corona at 10 entrances of the district. Rapid antigent test will be done if the devotees coming for bath are found suspicious in thermal screening. If any positive comes in this test, then the RTPCR test will be done immediately. When it comes positive, not only will all the people with it be tested, but they will also be isolated.

For each random check, 9 health workers will be deployed in three shifts at each point. ACMO Dr. HD Shakya said that our preparations for bathing are complete. Half a dozen doctors have also become available from the fair along with the district. Adequate beds have been made for patients in the district.

Private hospital on alert
Along with the government health department, all the private hospitals in the district have also been asked to be on alert. The health department can send patients to any hospital if needed.

Doctors leave canceled
In view of the Makar Sankranti bath, the administration has asked all government doctors to be on alert mode. No leave has been accepted and those who had sought leave have been canceled.

Even after forgetting these 5 people do not consume orange, it will affect their health

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