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Whose birthday is celebrated today as « Marathi Rajbhasha Din ». Or. Shirwadkar and Kusumagraj were working in the daily Prabhat from 1939 to 1945. Readers got to experience the invention of his writing even in the morning. Today Marathi Rajbhashadini Marathi language consultation taken by various people.

Every year, Marathi brothers from all over the world celebrate this day as « Marathi Rajbhasha Din ». Talented Senior Poet of Maharashtra Vs. Or. Marathi Language Day is celebrated on the birthdays of Shirwadkar and Kusumagraj. Kusumagraj has made significant contributions in the cultural field and literature of Maharashtra and made great efforts to make « My language is the language of knowledge ». The state government has decided to celebrate ‘Marathi Rajbhasha Din’ from 21st January 2013 to 27th February. Poet Kusumagraj and many writers have enhanced the glory of Marathi language.

Even if the guest feeds innumerable Marathi, he suffers in his house. Marathi sees so many games like this. Marathi finally breaks the Madandh throne.

Poet Ghazal Writer Suresh Bhatt’s ghazal shows the power of Marathi. In Maharashtra, many castes, creeds, foreigners, foreigners live in Gunya Govinda. Because there is a great sweetness in the dialect of this language. Many words came from many dialects and they became ours. Many learned Marathi language and took it to a new height through literature. Many languages ​​are spoken in Maharashtra. Along with Kokani, Ahirani, Mandeshi, Khandeshi, Malvani, Varhadi, many languages ​​are spoken in various castes, tribes and tribals as well as in the nomadic community, but Devanagari is used for writing. Language change is also seen from district to district. Marathi is spoken in every district, but the sweetness, sentimentality and eccentricity of the dialect are seen in the hospitality. Although these languages ​​are easy to understand, there is a need to promote the dialect of the nomadic and tribal communities.

Every word in English has Marathi words. Using it is like preserving the beauty of Marathi language. Everyone who understands Marathi should use Marathi language. Vs. Da. Savarkar introduced many old and new words in Marathi language. It coined the term newspaper, asking Kirloskar’s editors to use the word « newspaper » instead of « news. » Savarkar also coined many words in Marathi like mayor, date, trustee, principal, professor, budget, municipal corporation, supervisor, film, talk show, column, post, director, television, radio, playground. Even today, the mobile word ‘mobile’ has a Marathi word, but it is not used. This is because you adopt foreign words. In fact, we should be proud of how rich the Marathi language is. Since this type of sari is not available abroad, it is customary to call it sari. Marathi language is an alternative to every word. That’s why her beauty looks more open.

This is not a Marathi city. Sucalu curry of theology. Giving and receiving is easy. Let it be

Saint Dnyaneshwara has expressed the richness and abundance of Marathi language by seeing Guru, brother Nivruttinath as mother in this verse of the twelfth chapter of Dnyaneshwara. Marathi language is a city. The Guru has been requested to allow the abundance of Brahmavidya in the Marathi language city, so that the affairs of Devghevi may be smooth. He has also said Brahmavidya and Shabdabrahma. The Marathi language became rich through such saintly words and speeches.

Explaining the importance of the glory of Marathi language, Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj has described the richness of Marathi language. Amrita is also a winning language that enchants the audience. Saint Dnyaneshwara composed Dnyaneshwari and Bhavartha Deepika Granth in Prakrit language and designed it for the common people to understand. Mauli introduced the idea of ​​universal welfare through pasaydana.

The Warakari sect, which has a tradition of seven hundred years, developed the Marathi language. In it, Saint Namdev, Saint Janabai, Saint Muktabai, Saint Eknath, Saint Tukaram as well as Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj and Saint Gadge Baba revealed her through Abhangvani according to their dialect.

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